Hellz (Australia)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Lisa. It’s a great honour to have you here.

Hi, it’s awesome to be here! Thanks for chatting with me.

MR: Tell us a little bit about your band, Hellz. And a little bit of you.

Hellz is the spirit in the music that makes us connect with the song. She takes your hand and guides you back to the light away from the Hell and bad moments in life. Music is connected to our souls. It evokes feelings that sometimes you forgot you had. I have had bad times in my life but something within me has never given up. I keep going. Hellz is part of the strength that keeps me going and when I perform on stage Hellz is the confidence that pushes me to the front and tells me to share a message to the world that we are all strong and we will not be afraid. We are an army of survivors

MR: Your career as Hellz is rising in the metal world, primarily in Australia. How do you feel and prepared for it?

I really feel that I have been preparing for this moment my whole life. Every ounce of pain, love, hate, trust and every lesson I have learnt good or bad has made me who I am. I really feel ready to take this journey and make it epic!

There is a lot of great talent here in Australia. I feel the music industry here is monopolised by the commercial pop scene though where talent sadly isn’t a requirement. A lot of these amazing Metal bands are playing in the underground scene. These bands are writing amazing music about things people really connect with but are not being heard, it’s sad.

MR: What are your biggest influences which got you into the music?

I am a huge fan of Freddie Mercury. Everything about Freddie inspires me. From his captivating stage presence to his ability to write music that connects and means so much to everyone. Growing up, I was incredibly lucky to have a father who was a rock drummer. My father introduced me to the great music of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queen, Hendrix and so many other amazing and inspirational artists. I love artists that connect with their audience on a deep level.

MR: 2019 was a great year for you bringing many collaborations with great artists. This includes Gorka Alegre who a well-known bassist in the Spanish speaking world. Can you tell us more about these collaborations?

Gorka Alegra is an amazing songwriter and producer together Gorka and I have produced two of the most successful songs from Hellz, Fire to the sky and Bitch ran away.

In February 2020, we released Fire to the sky which was spoken of highly amongst industry listener’s worldwide and received extensive radio rotation and international airplay. The track also taking the number 1 position on the South Africa iTunes Rock Charts and also taking 16th place on the overall charts. Hellz June 2020 release, Bitch ran away has received massive radio play in over 200 countries around the world over 500,000 plays globally and the is the running for an award in the SUMMER 2020 WORLD SONGWRITING AWARDS –  ROCK CATEGORY. The awards are widely recognized by industry insiders giving legitimacy to highly talented songwriters and artists. Gorka is such an amazing artist in his own right and I am very proud to work with him. We are continuing to write more songs.

MR: How is facing Hellz the pandemic, particularly because you had a lot of shows scheduled which had to be cancelled?

I did miss a lot of opportunities in 2020. I won’t lie, from opportunities to work on the same stages as rock royalty, tours of the US, festival appearances in New York and some national touring right here in Australia. I have some moments when I feel a little down but then I remember all I need to do is keep making music. I feel this is a good time to write. It is also a good time to gather a strong following online.

MR: Hellz released two videos, Bitch Ran Away and Control of the Unholy. Which feedback have you received so far?

Both songs have done incredibly well. Each day they grow more and more countries around the world are wanting to chat about the songs.

MR: Any future plans for after the pandemic?

Up, Up and AWAY!!!! Hahaha!

I really don’t see myself stopping until I reach a massive audience globally. My mantra is that if I think it and believe it and work my ass off, it will happen.

Hellz indeed is looking at a very good future. I plan to continue to write, sing and perform as much as I can until the day I die! I am aiming to tour America and would absolutely love to tour South America and the UK. Hellz has a huge and amazing family of fans in the USA, South America, The UK, and throughout Europe. I really hope I can continue to grow the Hellz name globally. I don’t want to be boring ever! I have so much energy to bring to the world and I cant wait to be on stage!

MR: Anything else to share with the metal fans?


I love you all and I am blessed every day when I wake up to everyone beautiful messages from around the world. I am really looking forward to planning a tour as soon as the world heals a little from 2020. Until then please stay strong and love and enjoy your friends and families! Please continue to share Hellz to all of your friends and family too. You can find Hellz on social media at www.facebook.com/hellzlive/ and on our website at www.houseofhellz.com

And also, thankyou Metal-Roos for having me here for this chat today!!!!!

Lisa Perry x

Interview Date: 2020-07-31

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez