Hillbilly 19 July (Sydney, NSW)

19 July 2013 at Valve Bar

This week we were heading to the Valve Bar in Tempe for a Hillbily promotion concert. Headliner was Atomesquad with 4 other bands (Cryptic Scorn, Hematic, Risen Dred and Fatigue) warming everybody up.

The warm up started with some Black Thrash Metal and lots of make-up. Three piece band Fatigue followed by the zombies of Risen Dred tainted the atmosphere dark and ready for more.

And more it was! Hematic were filling the stage with 5 members and a wall of sound produced by the pure power of 2 guitars and a bass. The lead singer was throwing his blond curly hair around while he produced great death metal grunting with a remarkable voice. With lead guitarist Rob in charge of the whole event, helping Hillbily, Hematic had quite a crowd of audience.

The next band, Cryptic Scorn attracted an even bigger crowd. Singer Ken had just recovered from a infection but that did not stop him from singing great old school metal with full power. The band had lost their bassist Jay very recently and the last song was remembering him. It was a great, beautiful and obviously very emotional song. At the end, half the audience went on stage to sing together with Cryptic Scorn. Atomesquad and Risen Dred singers were taking over some backing vocals while Cryptic Scorn singer and guitarist moved in front of the stage to make space for more people. Great show!

Headliners Atomesquad, Greek cousins with a strong love of metal, continued the old school heavy metal with a touch of orient in their songs. The sound was very professional and clear and the guitars were pure joy. It was the perfect ending to the evening. Always worth to visit the Valve Bar!

Line-up: Atomesquad, Cryptic Scorn, Hematic, Risen Dred & Fatigue

Reviewer: Anja