Hobo Magic Launceston (Launceston, TAS)

21 October 2018 at St John Craft Beer

The evening kicked off with young Launceston singer-songwriter Monique How. While her brand of acoustic tunes has little in common with the other two bands, Monique played primarily her own tunes, bolstered by her vociferous voice. Not quite a fit for the heavy rock to follow, but a reprieve from the usual glut of screamo/hipster bands.

Second up was Mountains of Madness, a Hobart original metal band who cribbed their name from one of 20th Century horrormeister H.P. Lovecraft’s best-known weird tales. Beyond their moniker, MoM doesn’t betray much influence from Lovecraft’s cosmic horror. MoM purveys primarily new-school drop-tuned metal riffage with heaps of sardonic lyrics. A better fit to support headliners Hobo Magic.

Hobo Magic has two full-length albums out and hails from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Their sound is a lively twist on the vintage heavy rawk of yesteryear. Quite proggy and complex, with mind-bending time, feel and key signature changes, they’re a pile-driving power trio to be reckoned with. A contender to the throne of supreme Sydney stoner rockers Arrowhead!  Led by guitarist/vocalist Connor Mitchell, Hobo Magic carve out original epic tunes full of grooves and hooks. Bassist Jake Bennett takes his cue from Rush’s Geddy Lee in the four-string department, while newish drummer Luke Hanson flails his lion-mane and pounds the skins with abandon. Hobo Magic is definitely not just another hyped-up, cookie-cutter Sabbath worship act. Lodged in between psychedelic heavy passages, they occasionally foray into jazz fusion interludes worthy of Tommy Bolin or Budgie. Stay tuned to Hobo Magic for another heavy-hitting full-length later in 2018.

Line-up: Hobo Magic, Mountains of Madness, Monique How

Reviewer: Perry Grayson
Photocredits: Tanya Catelli