Howl O Scream Halloween Special @Hornography (Perth, WA)

27 October 2018 at The Boston

On Hallows Eve all of Perth’s monsters roam free, with a blood lust for metal… behold Hornography… Creatures of shadows lurk in the night… tattered and torn and in for a night. Feasting upon Beer and Flesh of dead… zombies and witches all banging their heads.

All This Filth emerge from their graves, with a spooktacular keyboard intro, stirring the audience and waking the dead. Kicking off the evening with some riffage and gutterals so dirty, that even a garbage truck wouldn’t touch that shit, launching onlookers headfirst into the title track from their 2012 full length release. The guys showcased their own unique brand of industrial tinged groove metal, with the songs Helter Skelter and ‘I still hate’ being the favourites. After some good ole fashion shoulder riding, drink spilling, precision kick-driven mosh pit fun, it’s time for a bass intro with more rumble than a T-Rex! As it seemed the masses were indeed programmed to suffer.

Never dull moment to be found at Howl ‘o’ Scream, thanks to DJ Mith Von Voodoo spinning the tunes for Jakeus Ignus, and the lovely ladies from the OG Spinqueen & LED Hoopers Crew, and Jalia Bellydance, keeping us all entertained between sets all night.

Perth heavyweights Tempest Rising take to the stage eager to fuck the scene and the horse ride it in too, apparently! Showing no remorse at all when it comes to melting faces off with guitar solos, and possibly rearranging some internal organs with the bass and kick sound. The band only slowed the pace for a moment of mesmerising melody from the track ‘Devil In Me’ from their 2014 release, Transmutation.

After smahing some new a-holes in the mosh pit, with the song Singularity, it was time for some onstage antics from the bass and vocal department. The monolithic metallers never disappoint, leaving the crowd nicely amped up and ready to go for the next act, choosing to close the set with a couple of old-school faves from Pantera and Rage Against the Machine.

Death metal stage desimators Depravity made it very clear they were there to destroy, with double kicks that are about as subtle as a sledge hammer to the face; and a string section that is a literal wall of windmill and shred, you just can’t go wrong! If neckbreaking brutality and razor sharp speed riffage is your thing, then you’re in luck!

Despondency, the fourth track off the 2018 release Evil Upheaval, is the first offering up on the sacrificial plate. Stage presence and talent are in abundance, as all fingers dart around the fretboard effortlessly, like digits possessed. The evil upheaval continues as the title track slays the senses.

After Kretin and Manic Onslaught, it was time for a gentle reminder that ballads are for fucking pussies and a circle pit is a must… thus bringing the audence participation to a head like a prepubescent face volcano! As the night slowly winds to an end, and the whiplash starts to set in, there’s nothing quite like some soft evening serenading in the form of Psycroptic’s new album, As The Kingdom Drowns, to lull all the Halloween monsters back to into their coffins.

Line-up: Depraverty, Tempest Rising, All This Filth

Reviewer: Mary-Jane Kinnison
Photocredits: Shadow-World Photography