Hypocrisy Kataklysm Sydney 2019 (Sydney, NSW)

3 May 2019 at The Metro

Considering it was a sell out show, and a few fans arrived early, the pit wasn’t full and there was no queue for the merch stand. The night kicked off at 8, with local 5 piece band from Melbourne


Their set was solid , the vocals were heavy as hell and the frontman Mitch Alexander’s interaction with the crowd was very confident, clearly a professional. Judging by the big names they have toured and supported in the past such as Fear Factory and Amon Amarth to name a few, Mitch is without doubt a king of his craft.  

Eye of The Enemy definitely was getting us pumped for the night with their shredding  riffs and fast paced guitars, by the second last song their aggression and energy set the tone for the night . Although  it was a shame (the sound was huge) but not very clear and the only thing I could fault was the bad lighting. If you hadn’t heard of these guys before, you definitely will remember them by the end of their set.  So impressed was I that I purchased myself a patch from the merch stand . 


Clearly a band that need no introduction in the death metal scene, if the sales of shirts at the merch desk were anything to go by. (Nearly ran out and they hadn’t even come on yet.) It’s been 6 years since the Canadian death metal giants  last graced our shores, and they haven’t lost any steam that’s for sure.  Their new album Meditations is definitely a record every fan of death metal should check out. 

Once the lights dimmed more and what seemed like forever, the intro of Narcissist started playing. The anticipation was too much for the fans and they erupted into excited screams and whistling. The crowd fed off the bands energy and kept the pit alive for the whole  set. We simply did not stop. I have not seen that much non stop jumping, devil horns constantly in the air and so much hair flying in ages . The mosh pit was a constant head banging frenzy. All hell broke loose for the entire show. The drummer Oli Beaudoin was consistently bashing those drums with such perfect execution and force  that it left us in awe and admiration. 

I’ll never be like you, I won’t conform
I’ll never change, I’m the black sheep”

Perfectly describes every single one of us losing our shit in the pit tonight and it’s only second song in. The singer Maurizio Iacono roared through the set with his beefy vocals and the set list certainly delivered , covering a span of 12 records as he promised . Definitely something for everyone , with crowd pleasers such as Guillotine, As I Slither among some, his powerful vocals on Crippled and Broken injected fresh energy into the crowd. This was quality brutal death metal at its finest. By the time Road to Devastation finished playing. Kataklysm had us excited and pumped for Hypocrisy. And the wait seemed endless! 


Can alien conspiracy theories really make for a crowd pleasing metal song? According to Hypocrisy fans it can. The Swedes brought their solid death metal assault to The Metro FOR THE FIRST TIME! Us Australian fans have been spoilt this year, especially for the gods of Swedish death, where we were treated to Triple Bill Kill just the week before. And now we get to see Peter Tägtgren in the flesh! 

The stage is dark and the backlight turns on, illuminating the huge backdrop of an alien like head. If alien abductions are indeed real, this must be what it feels like! Hypocrisy enter the stage with 20 plus years of material to choose from they open with Fractured Millenium. 

We didn’t need any encouragement to circle pit or windmill, we were already pumped up and ready to go from Kataklysm. And that energy just carried on and intensified through the rest of the night.  Peter Tägtgren’s vocal prowess ranged from high pitches screams of the damned to low guttural and inhuman. They pump out hit after hit, from End of Disclosure and Eraser and his conspiracy theories make me lose hope for mankind and hope there is actually someone or something else out there besides us.  As the song Adjusting the Sun comes on

You think you know the answer?


Maybe we will never know the answer. But we do know this! The massive crowd is on a high and they end with Roswell (Sydney!)47.  Soul crushing energy as all hell breaks loose in the mosh. 

Death is just the beginning -I think not! I think Hypocrisy and their conspiracy theories have forged their way into the hearts and minds of us Aussies. A legendary band and a legendary gig. You have won my blackened heart.

Line-up: Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, Eye of the Enemy

Reviewer: Candy
Photocredits: Michael Lueders