Incantation Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

24 June 2019 at The Crowbar

Cudos to Bleed Records for bringing another top line up to the dungeon of the Crowbar.

Beginning the evening with local band Bone Marrowblasting off with their Death based grind. A few tech difficulties but they pulled it through to make an impression & I am keen to catch them again around the traps. The 5 piece consisting of Luke on vox, Chris & Taylor on guitars, Claire on bass & kick arse backing vox & Chalky filling in tonight on the skins. Keep an ear to the ground & wrap it around this

Next were a personal local favourite – Laceration Mantra. For this old metal chick these fellows play the style of Death/Black Metal that I really enjoy. No breakdowns, no screamo just nice sludgey death with lashings of technically ridiculous speed. Robs growl in his voice & his bass compliments Scotts precise guitar – the finger blur is hard to follow. Anthony is a beast behind the kit keeping the pace & backbone behind the three piece. Playing the title track from their 2016 release Infested with an ending sharper than an obsidian blade, then completing the set with Annihilation for Idolatry.  Thanks again to these local metal legends. Mantra translates thus – “Man” means the mind & “Tra” means to draw away from. Laceration Mantra definitely helps you to draw away from the fluctuations of the mind & wipes it clean. They will be playing next at the Back Room in July – follow along

The surprise tonight for me was NervoChaos hailing from Brazil. I hadn’t heard them before & I thank Metal Roos for giving me the opportunity to find another favourite. These Brazilians were tight. TIGHT! Brisbane was the 3rd last city they played on their 2019 tour supporting their new release Ablaze & you would not have known they had been playing nightly for weeks. What energy & focus! Impressed was an understatement. Their Death Metal Thrash is unstoppable as are the lads in NervoChaos. Born in 1996 & they have SEVEN full length albums to choose from, supporting all those releases with hundreds of concerts worldwide.  I am particularly impressed when musicians are playing highly complex things & they look like they are barely breaking a sweat. The dual vocals of Guiller & Diego complement each other perfectly with the odd horror movie sample dotted between songs to keep the ambience & audience interest. Their stage show is as tight as their professionalism & you can tell they have played many a live concert. They have only 2 more shows in Australia this week before they play in Sweden with only 2 days break in between. Machines! Do yourself a favour – have a listen

Headlining tonight’s performance of talent were the New Jersey icons Incantation. With 25 years of under their belt in the Death Metal scene you are definitely getting a plethora of experience in tonight’s line up of bands. Visiting Australia as part of their Siege of the Profane tour we were gifted of their talents & a full set there was. Members John McEntee on guitar & vocals led us through their set, backed by Sonny Lombardozzi on lead guitar, Chuck Sherwood on bass & Kyle Severn on drums. Thanks to Relapse Records for their latest & the namesake of the tour Profane Nexus I feel Incantation could very well be around for another 25 years. Their popularity & their dedication will stand the test of time. Hail \m/

Line-up: Incantation, NervoChaos, Laceration Mantra & Bone Marrow

Reviewer: Tina Summers