Incantation (Sydney, NSW)

23 June 2019 at The Crowbar

After our Saturday evening of Black Metal at the Factory Floor the night before, our heads and necks barely had enough rest for our Sunday afternoon, that had us metal heads once again congregate at CrowBar in Sydney for 6 hours  of pure death metal. 7 bands plus the promise of State of Origin playing in the inside bar promised to pull a decent sized crowd. 
Nervochaos are aggressive thrashy death boys from Brazil created a chaotic atmosphere and really got the crowd going from the get go.
I fell in love with one of the vocalists, Guillers’ guitar and the strength of the other guitarist and vocalists’ Diego’s riffs . With the fast guitar patterns and Edu’s high paced drumming, it reminded me of early Sepultura or maybe even Sarcofago. At times all I could focus on was his Guillers’ intense vocals, very cut throat ( Pardon the pun!). Definitely got the pit moving and the hair flying for the night! They were intense, there was no shortage of energy here and they had a wide range of material. Their cover of Total Satan was a highlight for me, and it was a definite crowd pleaser . I was so impressed, that a shirt was purchased straight after this set.
Krisiun are an Old school death metal band and the second Brazilian band of the night geared everyone up into a head banging frenzy.  
Even if you’re not a big death metal fan, you’ve most likely heard a track or two from these brutal legends at some point in your life. Very unrelenting all throughout the show, their performance was incredible and definitely commanded your attention. The drummer was ferocious, faultless, and fast. The bass was heavy and the vocals harsh and relentless. Wearing a shirt that said “Third World Death Metal”,  Alex Camargo won us over with his effortless stage persona, humour and tight set. Certainly did a great job warming us up for Incantation . Classics such as Blood of Lions and Scourge of the Enthroned , these brothers sure knew how to crack that whip. 
Incantation, the leading founders of New York City Death Metal back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, I had not listened to them until this bill was announced. Hailing from New Jersey, I was very keen to see Incantation live . The room was now packed and the punters were getting hyped as quickly as they walked onstage. Straight away, I was smitten with John McEntee and his inhuman death growls. Amongst classics, he effortlessly went about playing  Les Sepulcri , 2017 release from Profane Nexus along with most bloodthirsty and unmerciful  death growls on Rites Of The Locust. John  just seemed so happy to be there, clearly loving what he does , and appreciating the turnout of the Aussie metal crowd on a rainy Sunday night. Delightful connections  like these make for a nice intimate feel for the show. Lots of joking with the crowd. All our devil horns were in the air and we were loving these big guns of death metal.  After they played the final song , he asked if the crowd would like another “final song”. Not getting the response he wanted , cheekily saying that you know, it doesn’t bother him if we didn’t want another one . 
A very powerful and humble musician and band .  
Such a great Sunday arvo spent appreciating all that is Death Metal.  

Line-up: Incantation, Krisiun, Nervo Chaos, Inverloch, Laceratio Mantra, Eskhaton, Golgothan Remains

Reviewer: Candy
Photocredits: Mira Live Photography