Incite – Wake Up Dead (Album Review)

Release Date: April 08th 2022 - Atomic Fire Records

Incite - Wake Up Dead

Incite is a thrash metal band from the USA formed in 2004, releasing six albums to date – ‘The Slaughter’ (2009), ‘All Out War’ (2012), ‘Up In Hell’ (2014), ‘Oppression’ (2016), ‘Built To Destroy’ (2019), and 2022’s ‘Wake Up Dead’.

Forging a sound that lies somewhere among the likes of Soulfly, Slayer, Sepultura, Machine Head, and Lamb Of God, American thrashers Incite have been savagely battering fans, metalheads, moshers, and casual listeners for nigh on two decades! And with their sixth album, the band continues their sonic avalanche of savagery – ‘Wake Up Dead’ exploding into life with (presumably) the title song ‘Fuck With Me (Wake Up Dead)’. An absolute barnstormer, ‘Fuck With Me (Wake Up Dead)‘ is fast, aggressive, and savagely brutal, setting a thunderous tempo and tone for what is to come – a barrelling roller coaster of aggression and angst! All delivered with a scowling snarl of a menacing vocal performance! Be afraid, be very afraid – you have been warned! For ‘War Soup’ raises the ante, aggression, and intensity, hitting harder than a thousand wrecking balls, and features thrash titan Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex Sepultura) as a guest.

And with absolutely no let-up in the unrelenting aggression, Incite storms on with the fastest song heard so far, ‘Sucker Punched’. The barrage of savagery from the band is gonna grab the attention of local law enforcement, with accusations of GBH and ABH directed at Incite – but the band’s fans will leap to their defense by saying “we’re only playing officer”. Yea – playing bone-breaking skull-crushing thrash metal! ‘Deadbeat’ lowers the pace but not the menace and snarl, the band showing a level of aggression higher than a cheetah chasing a gazelle for dinner! With a surprisingly mellow and haunting intro, ‘Mental Destruction’ soon turns to become a heavy groove led thrash metallers, the earlier thunderous tempo returning in abundance, with lesser mortals heading for the medicine cabinet in search of tablets to relieve a severe headache! But for us die-hard metalheads – we’re standing tall screaming at Incite “is that all you got?”. The band replied no with a deafening roar and a body shredding riff in the shape of the scowling ‘Built To Destroy’. Scaling the heights of menace and snarl, ‘Built To Destroy’ is destructive, and will destroy anything foolish enough to stand in its way…

…except us die-hard metallers! We’re way too hard! ‘Stagnant’ maintains the scowling nature of the previous song – probably, even more, threatening to demolish and destroy everything in sight. That’s right, an end of the world rapture is what Incite are delivering, and it’s relentless. Everyone will fall and everything will disintegrate under the force of ‘Wake Up Dead’ – with ‘Fallen’ actually providing a little respite from the oncoming doom and gloom of the apocalypse. The band delivering the “lightest” moment the album has to offer – and when I say lightest, the reduction in heaviness, brutality and savagery is less than one percent – the band not letting up in their relentless roll towards absolute annihilation.
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Returning pace to the album, ‘The Aftermath’ is a fast and furious foray of brutal aggression. The type of aggression that leaves deep cuts and bruises over the whole body, knocking seven bells out of every listener everywhere!
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But even with this level of brutality, us die-hard metallers are still standing, ’cause we’re tough, we were raised on Motorhead, Sepultura, and Slayer. The final assault of the album is also the fastest, ‘The Slaughter’ a terrifying tsunami of speed and precision. Incite has delivered one of the most brutish albums heard this year, devastating everything and everyone that stands in its way.

Overall, a savage barrage of aggressive and menacing thrash metal, ‘Wake Up Dead’ is a bone-breaking avalanche of brutality.


Fuck With Me (Wake Up Dead)
War Soup (feat. Max Cavalera)
Sucker Punched
Mental Destruction
Built To Destroy
The Aftermath
The Slaughter

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Atomic Fire Records
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, and Metal-Roos.