INTERVIEW: John Scott from The Mark Of Cain talks touring and more

Interview by Andrew Massie

The Mark Of Cain

The Mark Of Cain – the band dubbed least likely in their high school year book – return this August in celebration of being the South Australian Music Awards most recent inductee into the SA Music Hall Of Fame. In accepting the honour TMOC join previous recipients including Jim Keays and Masters Apprentices, Glenn Shorrock, Cold Chisel, Archie Roach, Bart Willoughby, Sarah McLeod, The Zoot and many more. The band will accept award at a simple ceremony on August 19th at The Gov prior too taking the stage for a full career spanning set. To celebrate the achievement, the band are hitting the road for a full tour across Australia so we caught up with guitarist John Scott about the upcoming shows and the future of the band.


On the idea behind the upcoming tour:

John: The South Australian Music Association thing got announced so we said, ‘Look lets do a few shows to celebrate the induction part of it’ and now it’s expanded. We were going to do just Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and now it’s like Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth and everywhere else!

On being inducted into the South Australian Music Association:

John: I was always mixed emotions about awards and that sort of stuff, we never really received any through out our time in Adelaide, even in our most productive time in the 90’s so having it come is nice. It came out of left field and I did wonder how I felt about it and actually I did feel sort of proud so I take that as it is and we’re very happy to be inducted.

On not having any new material since “Songs Of The Third And Fifth” in 2012:

John: I think it’s largely just where we are at and probably with age, careers and we don’t practice and meet every week. We tend to get together when we need to do tours. If we put a stake in the ground and say, ‘Hey look let’s write some new stuff before ‘blah…’, then we’ll do that and I think that’s really all that hasn’t happened and it’s probably up to me to define that line in the sand and say, ‘Ok let’s try and write and record some songs by March next year’, it’s just something that I haven’t done.


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