Irish post-punk alternative rockers Movment releases single and music video for “We all must go”


The irish post-punk alternative rock band, Movment, has just released the single and music video of  “We all must go”.  Although guitars and bass are at the heart of their sound, it is hard to ignore the electronics that have infiltrated Movment’s core. An inquest into the journey to the Big Black River that awaits us, where it’s going, nobody knows… We all have to slip into it sometime. We are on the banks of it all the time. It is a journey that is inevitable. We all must go.

Movment will release a new album, TRANSFORMATION, on Distort The Scene on 02 December 2021. The lead track from the album is WE ALL MUST GO. The 10 tracks were recorded in End of Light Studios, Mullingar, Ireland & mixed at Milocco, London and mastered by Jerome Schmitt at The Airlab.

Movment are more dark than light, more strong than weak, more direct. Movment make observations on life and living. They mean what they say. There is a divergence in society. The new album Transformation, due in December 2021, explores this situation. We are bombarded with information, opinions, viewpoints, and words. We drown in ideas, in solutions, in propaganda. There needs to be a TRANSFORMATION from where we are now. It explores What We Are. Movment have been through it before. They examine What Way Should It Be. Their time is NOW! There is nothing we cannot do!