Jinjer ‘Macro Tour’ Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

8 March 2020 at The Zoo

What a fun filled evening to celebrate International Womens Day – HAIL my sisters!! Beginning the frolics were the Melbourne duo The Blacktides. Not only proficient & full of sound for a drum & bass collaboration but hilarious to boot! Celebrating the feminine of the species with Annette on drums & her counterpart Red on bass. Such a fun set, had us laughing & grooving along to their heavy rock metalesque sound. Check them out & have a great time!

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Now onto our headlining act & what an act the Ukrainian Jinjer are. Lead by the Goddess that is Tatiana Shmailyuk on vocals who is absolutely incredible in her range, delivery & her absolute consistency with both clean singing & her growl that intrigues me – she has my utmost respect.  The prog death metal legends are all prolific in their talents with Roman on guitar, Eugene on bass & Vladislav on drums. Beginning the set with Teacher Teacher off their 2019 album Micro, they are certainly teaching us that for a band beginning in 2010 they are sky rocketing through the metal skies to fame! With other classic tracks like my personal favourites in Who is Gonna Be the One from their 2014 album Cloud Factory & On The Top from the album of the same name. The crowd reflected their enthusiasm & appreciation for their talent. I cannot stress how much this band blows my mind & seeing them live was a blessing. You think their albums are incredible live is in another realm. Blasting through their 13 song set & finishing with Words of Wisdom from 2016 of the same name. My neck hurts, I’m hoarse but happy as Larry! Check out Jinjer – do yourself & your ears the biggest favour. 

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Line-up: Jinjer, The Blacktides

Reviewer: Tina Summers
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera Photography

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