Jinjer Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

6 March 2020 at The Manning Bar

Arriving at the Manning Bar in Sydney to watch the monster that is Jinjer, I’m confronted with a mass of people itching to get inside. When the doors open, the adoring fans were eager to catch a glimpse of their Ukrainian metal heroes, clambering for a spot at the front of the crowd.

The Blacktides from Melbourne hit the stage at 8:30 to get the energy started with their 2 piece groove laden beats. The banter between the two members between songs was refreshingly cheeky before they broke into some covers including their own take on Royals by Lorde.

Having come to the end of their set, The Blacktides received a very warm applause from the Sydney crowd before some of the punters quickly refreshed their beverages and readied themselves for the onslaught.

This sold out show, being one of many across their Australian Macro tour has the venue packed to spill, when the lights dim on stage and Perennials intro starts.

Jinjer take the stage to an extremely loud welcome and start their set with Teacher, Teacher! and we are left pummelled by Tati’s vocal prowess. We are treated to a back catalogue of their hits and the crowd are feeding of this energy as Perennial begins to wanting fans, screaming and wooing as Tati’s vocals soar through the crowd.

It’s obvious that Jinjer are On The Top of their game blasting through crowd favourites and seemingly gathering more momentum toward the end of their set. They close with Words Of Wisdom to their adoring Australian fans before leaving the stage. With the fans hungry for more, the “one more song” chant began, where Jinjer were more than happy to grace us with. They play their track Pisces and the crowd are swooning along for the ride.

The band finally say their thanks after crushing the fans and we are treated to Bassist Eugene getting to blow out the candles of his cake and the band getting in their crowd photo with the Australian flag.

By far one of the best shows the Manning Bar have held for a while, be sure to check out The Black Tides! and if you haven’t already, be sure to follow Jinjer on their journey!



Teacher, Teacher!

Sit, Stay, Roll Over




Who Is Gonna Be The One




On The Top

Put Of Consciousness

Home Back

Words Of Wisdom


Captain Clock

Line-up: Jinjer, The Blacktides

Reviewer: Will Hert
Photocredits: JAB Photography

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