Killswitch Engage Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

30 October 2018 at The Metro

During Killswitch Engage’s recent tour of Australia in support of Parkway Drive, they were able to slot in a few intimate head-line shows of their own. Now, it’s not often that you get to watch a band the size of Killswitch Engage in an intimate venue such as the Metro in Sydney, but that’s exactly what I and the rest of the jammed venue got to witness, and it was stunning.

First off, the local boys Justice for the Damned opened the show to a mostly full Metro. Playing songs from their recent release Dragged through the Dirt, Justice for the Damned killed it. Intense bursts of serious low-down heavy groove, moments of disgustingly heavy death metal and some brutal vocals the boys were not intimidated by the crowd at all and took command of that stage. Well done, guys, I hope to watch you again soon. Check out Dragged through the Dirt on Spotify, you will not be disappointed.

Killswitch Engage came on to rapturous applause, everyone in the packed Metro was stoked to see them and they seemed stoked to be there. When they kicked into opener End of Heartache the crowd, myself included, lost their collective minds. The singalong was literally louder than the band…all of them, you could only just make out the guitar and drums…ridiculous and amazing scenes.

The love and energy exchanged in this first song did not faulter for the rest of the night. Killswitch are a genuinely loved band and the set-list covered most of their back catalogue with deep cuts and fan favourites. Sticking mostly to the latest two albums Disarm the Descent and Incarnate, with fan favourites lifted from End of Heartache and Alive or just Breathing sprinkled in, making it a truly phenomenal time. The energy and vibe of the room when Killswitch launched into the hits My Last Serenade and Rose of Sharyn towards the end of the night gave us all new life with the massive singalongs that you would expect. When they announced the last song would be Holy Diver it was as big a reaction as starting the set with End Of Heartache just a massive outpouring of positive energy that could be felt in all corners of the Metro.

Killswitch Engage were just fantastic, even missing some of the massive hits I really wanted to hear, the venue did not stop rocking, from when Justice for the Damned opened-up with massive riffs and a thunderous rhythm section to everyone losing their minds over “Holy Diver”…just a great night.

Line-up: Killswitch Engage, Justice for the Damned

Reviewer: Jonathan Hurley
Photocredits: Twinmusix