Korpiklaani Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

22 May 2019 at Manning Bar

Wednesday isn’t the typical time I listen to folk metal but last night I made an exception and I’m certainly glad I did. Korpiklaani, supported by Troldhaugen and Saralisse, brought a fantastic show to Manning Bar with everything you could want from a folk metal show; beer, jigging, and beer.

Wollongong-based fantasy folk metallers Saralisse opened up their night, the 2nd time in a week they have played Manning after wowing the crowd last week alongside Eluveitie. The band recently become a 5 piece with the addition of vocalist Jesse Handsaker and have gone from strength to strength as a result, the new member adding another level to their already polished performance. Ample use of strong backing vocals and the band’s lyrical themes gave a very Blind Guardian-esque vibe which was enjoyable as always and a fantastic way to start the night.

Troldhaugen were as entertaining as ever, their electric stage presence and unique blend of metal and a bit of everything getting the entire crowd moving.  The bands new Egypt-inspired outfits, as seen in the music video of their most recent release E.E.T, shone under the lights as they played a great mix of material including my personal favourite, I Ordered a Taxi Driver not a Taxidermy. The band’s frontman, who currently goes by Yung Maan, provided a manic energy that drew the crowd in whilst the rest of the band demonstrated strong technical skills and were clearly stoked to be supporting Korpiklaani on their national tour of Australia.

Up next were Korpiklaani who ensured that everyone in the crowd got value for their money with a 2-hour performance that spanned their entire discography. Their set had everything you could want from the Finnish legends, party favorites such as Vodka’ and Bier Bier causing the enthusiastic crowd to form multiple kick-lines and row pits much to the entertainment of the band. The band really gave it their all on stage, absolutely thrilled with the turnout they had received in Sydney, and after 2 hours they put down their instruments much to the disappointment of the crowd that still somehow wanted more.

The Metal-Roos team wishes Korpiklaani and Troldhaugen all the best for their remaining tour and look forward to day the Finnish folk metallers return to Sydney.

Line-up: Korpiklaani, Troldhaugen, Saralisse

Reviewer: Cal McGlinchey