KRVVLA – X (Album Review)

Release Date: February 04th 2022 - Indepandent


From the moment “X” begins its assault on the senses, Krvvla cast you headfirst off the edge of the abyss into the depths of musical Armageddon. It is dense, claustrophobic, and brutal in its dissonant destruction on the senses.

Containing eight acts from “X” to “XVIII”, the titles may be nameless but each is unique, This Belarusian act on their second album has taken the notion of post music and delved into its terrors. It is unsettling, incredibly powerful, and sublime in its subtlety.  Expect nothing apart from the feeling that this band and its goal are to destroy preconceived notions. It is a maelstrom of fury and pure rage that draws from all the elements of extreme music, combining black metal with post-rock that leaves no room for self-indulgence, it is 27 minutes of unrelenting pressure with brief moments of ambiance.

The concept behind it is suitably bleak, the war of the three Logoi, the black logos is victorious leaving a world without ideas or spirituality, the result is gripping and performed with such dedication.
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  From Percussive chaos, horrific screams of despair, from blasting insanity to mid-tempo oppression, walls, and walls of huge riffs that emphasize the calamity of grief and anger.

“X” is the album that stops you dead in its tracks. It is so damn heavy, spiteful, and full of malicious intent. Words simply do not do this album justice; music doesn’t get much better or as intense as this.
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Brilliantly unnerving.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Belarus

Reviewed by Sparky