LA-based heavy metallers Arch Blade to unleash debut album “Kill The Witch”

Arch Blade

Founded in 2019 by father-and-son guitar duo Rob V and Big Rob, with Nigel Caicedo on bass, Ukrainian transplant Denys Podmazko on vocals, and Al “Mayhem” Mendez (ex-Dark Angel, ex-Dreams Of Damnation) on drums, LA-based heavy metallers Arch Blade will unleashing unto the pit their debut album “Kill The Witch” via Rockshots Records this coming July 2023.

Presenting versatile heavy metal with high energy both on record and live, the band’s debut full-length is a full-speed-intense blend of various different styles of metal (NWOTHM, Thrash, Power) mixed into one known as Arch Blade. Lyrically, the album is mostly based on vocalist Denys Podmazko’s dreams and nightmares along with his interests in comic books, sci-fi, horror movies, and sometimes documentaries.

“We picked the best songs that we had and focused on them. We did pass on a couple that was not right for the narrative of this album. We are already working on the second album. We feel like it will be even more composed and catchy, so to speak. We want to get back in the studio ASAP.” adds the band.

To give fans a taste of what’s to come, Arch Blade are sharing their music video for their first single “Nightbreed“, a super fun and catchy track to get your hails thrown high into the sky!

“Biker demons, speed, and metal are all you need. If you like classic heavy metal, you probably will like this one. It was inspired by the early 80s Iron Maiden and Judas Priest tunes, and it sounds like something from that time. It’s also our first official video, and that was a lot of fun shooting it in the desert outside of LA with a bunch of our friends.” says the band.


Listen to Nightbreed here:


Arch Blade - Kill The Witch