Lacuna Coil Australian Tour 2016 (Sydney, NSW)

14 October 2016 at The Metro Theatre

Lacuna Coil was one of the bands that intrigued me in my teenage years, for the atmospheric ambiance found in their music and their vibrant videoclips. This was also at a time when YouTube didn’t exist, so it felt pretty special to watch a music video on the computer when the cd came with extra features.

I arrived a little bit before 8pm to collect my ticket from a friend at the Metro Theater to see a large queue of people waiting for the doors to open. Everyone was eager to get in, and so was I. When Gods of Eden got on stage at 8.30pm, the crowd witnessed an epic buildup for the song “Shiva’s Dream”, still one of my favourite since I got my hands on the self titled EP released years ago. Luck has nothing to do in regards of the band’s success and growing fanbase. Being one of Sydney’s most technical bands, every member has their part to play onstage, with vocalist Ian juggling from gospel-like cleans to fast aggressive trash or death metal growls, or even lead guitarist Sean’s fingers dancing on the guitar to make the most intriguing solos. For a band like Gods of Eden, moshing is usually out of the question as you might want to witness the high level of musicianship the lads have to offer. They even played a new song, so I was a pretty happy camper by the end of their set.

Next was Melbourne’s melodic death metal quintet, Orpheus Omega. The band, despite their serious appearance with matching black shirts and red armbands were onstage to have a good time. It’s refreshing to see a non grindcore band live with a “whogivesafuck” attitude, by having their keystar player jumping around like a possessed pogo stick and the bass player being photographed by every media person at once (not even joking) with members of the audience. It was one of those funny paparazzi moments, like tossing a few chips to a bunch of hungry seagulls. The band reminded me heavily of Trivium and late Machine Head with hints of Children of Bodom. Even though this combination is not quite my cup of tea, I would pay to see them live again just for the simple fact that they know how to entertain a crowd, a skill that not many bands possess nowadays.

Finally, Lacuna Coil made their mystical entry to a full house of cheering fans. I cannot really call myself a fan for only owning one LC album, but “Comalies” is still on my iPod after all those years, simply because it is one hell of an album. Since it was the first time I would see Lacuna Coil live, I expected to hear A LOT of songs I would not be familiar with, and without fail, the first one was “Ultima Ratio” from their latest opus “DELIRIUM”. The Italian outfit opted for a djentier sound (be djentle, it’s my first time!) and a more aggressive Andrea Ferro. I always thought Cristina Scabbia out staged her male counterpart in “Comalies”, and according to my buddies who own more than two CDs and a half, not much changed after the 2002 full-length. My favourite part of their set was when the crowd chanted the chorus of “Heaven’s a lie”. There was electricity in the air, and the band was only playing their fourth song. Later on I would walk out of the venue to have the odd cigarette of the evening to come back at the end of “Swamped”. Smoking is truly evil and I guess as well, “wrong place, wrong time”. Something I did not quite get was the bass player’s face paint that made him look like a lobotomised juggalo. It also reminded me of that scene in “Hannibal” when Anthony Hopkins would cut Ray Liotta’s skull open before having a little indoors brain barbecue. By the end of the evening, the band returned for an encore and performed “Delirium” from their last opus, “House of Shame” and “Zombies”. They say there is a first time for everything, and trust me on that, this will not be the last time I see Lacuna Coil live after such a fantastic performance.

Line-up: Lacuna Coil, Orpheus Omega, Gods of Eden

Reviewer: Sabz