Lagerstein: CRACK THE KEGS

18/06/2021 The Brightside (Brisbane)

Lagerstein have turned Crack the Kegs – Brisbane into a two-stage mini fest with their friends at The Brightside!
Now, with the addition of killer bands like Seraphic, Virtues, F.U.C. and Peruvian Flashback, this has become the biggest Kegstand Productions party of 2021.
There is NO better Brisbane Heavy Metal event than this! It’s time to submerse yourself in some of the most talented live acts from our amazing hometown.
It’s time to party, people! Kegstand Productions are BACK! To celebrate the easing of travel restrictions in our second home, we’re expanding our ‘Crack the Kegs’ fiesta in Melbourne, making it a two-night ONLY twin-city party with the addition of our hometown, Brisbane as well! With Brisbane’s own Party Pirates, Lagerstein headlining this event, it guarantees beers, fun times and partying galore.
‘Crack the Kegs’ exists because we are on a mission to create the best parties in the whole country, and we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit our friends in Victoria! But in true Kegstand Productions fashion, nothing bangs like a hometown soiree.
We said, “Well, why not both?!” and we’re not the only ones, with Mother Junkst letting us know that “2020 was what it was, but that’s in the past… Let’s just party! Keen to get back to Melbourne after over a year hiatus from that scene”.
We are so excited to party with you guys, and can’t wait to bring the whole crew out for twin party times in our favourite places!
Note: Melbourne shoe has been postponed.
Photos by: Just Ignore the Camera Photography