Lagerstein Endless Rums Tour (Brisbane, QLD)

30 November 2019 at The Triffid

ARR!!! What a night to be had! If you missed last night’s Lagerstein gig at the Triffid than you may as well start walking the plank. Luckily, for those who committed mutiny in the name of music and didn’t attend, you can still read about all the action here at Metal Roos!

The night set sail with Pavilion who offered a plethora of screeching guitars and gnarly riffs, rocking the shore to the core with their obtuse and heavy roots. Pavilion’s drummer, Thiago Andrade, tightly held the band throughout their melodic expedition and shook the crowd hard enough for some folk to find their sea legs. Ripping licks and solos from lead guitarist, Michael Fabricato left the rest of the crew on the floor screaming for more. Pavillion have been on the Brisbane scene for some time now, so go give them an ahoy if you haven’t already. 

Many of us musos will agree, there is nothing better than when the changeover time doesn’t run on for half the show itself, and thankfully Triple Kill obliterated the stage as second support as quick as the tides turn. Triple Kill have been supporting Lagerstein through the Australian,  wooden leg of their 25/7 album tour, and we can see why – the pair are a match made perfectly by sea deity, Poseidon himself. They’re as charismatic as they come with a sense of true, Melbounesque grouse and a full functioning fleet of thriving, heavy metal. 

The lights dim, the aroma of rum pours into the room… and then onto the majority of the first row if you were lucky enough for the pirate’s christening – which my lovely camera and self were front and centre. Worth it. Lagerstein ruled the stage with their menacing jingles and sea shanties, or Shoey shanties I should say, and as elegant as Cinderella everyone’s shoes were off. But rather than awaiting for a prince’s observation, instead were filled with the delights of…you guessed it, alcohol. Performing their 13 track album, 25/7, Dig, Bury, Drink! Wench my Thirst and Piña Colada Paradise were the booty of the night and everyone scored.

The Triffid was blessed by the rains of Lagerstein who serenaded the audience for 90 minutes, which included a sneaky floor session, incorporated a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for one lucky lass who obliterated a beer bong in record time, solicited a parrot and still had time for three encores, including a rendition of Men at Work’s, ‘Down Under’. If you are yet to see a Lagerstein concert, make sure it is on your list, as it is a gig not to be missed.

Line-up: Lagerstein, Triple Kill, Pavilion

Reviewer: Cat Louise
Photocredits: Nine Lives Media