Lich King (USA)

Metal-Roos: For those unfamiliar with the band can you tell me who is in the band and what roles are?

Lich King:
Zach Smith – vocals
Nick Timney – lead guitar
Brian Westbrook – drums
Mike Dreher – bass
Joe Nickerson – rhythm guitar

M-R: How would you describe your sound?

LK: Unrelenting, old school thrash metal. We’re not reinventing the wheel here, just keeping the adrenaline fueled music that we know and love alive.

M-R: According to your Facebook page the band was a one man project since 2004 and then began formally around 2009, I guess. Are you able to fill in for us some of the history about the origins of the band?

LK: Not much to say about 04-09 besides that Tom Martin recorded 3 albums and started building the fanbase in the digital world. After forming a live band in 09, the band started touring and operating in a more conventional sort of way.

M-R: Lich King has four full length albums out to date. How come we’re just hearing about the band in Australia now?

LK: Five actually. We’re an independent band. We don’t have that a whole lot of the resources that a label would normally arrange for us, especially when it comes to PR. In recent years, we have been getting help from some awesome booking agencies, but besides that, we’ve been pretty much on our own.

M-R: It won’t be long before coming to Australia, what do you know about the metal scene here?

LK: You guys churn out some grade A bands, I know that much. Chris from Hidden Intent has showed me some killer Aussie thrash in your local scenes, and King Parrot and Black Rheno are up there for me.

M-R: What can fans expect from the band?

LK: Go turn our album all the way up on your stereo, then imagine it twice as loud and human bodies flying all over the place.

M-R: The band has toured a little with Hidden Intent who are supporting your Aussie tour, have the Aussie larrikins influenced you at all. Did they show you how Aussies party?

LK: Absolutely. It’s been vicious at times. We’ve done some 60 or so dates with Hidden Intent, they’ve become some of our best tour buddies. We’ve raised hell together from Los Angeles to Warsaw.

Interview Date: 2018-01-15

Interviewer: Adrian

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