Little Blog for August 2nd (Fremantle, WA)

2 August 2013 at The Swan Basement

So in true Molotov style, I decided to jump in my car and make the trip Bunbury – North Fremantle to catch a couple of bands playing at The Swan Basement. Stopping for a drink with my friend, I was a little late at the venue but walked into a very full bar of punters. First band I caught, was Psychokenisis who delivered an unflawed set to the awaiting crowed. Next up were my good mates Got Sharks? who are going into the recording studio now. Though the songs are short they still remain very brutal the whole way through. With Grom always forgetting which song he is up to, it seemed the guest vocalist Leroy was up for every song but in the end joined them on a stage for one. Towards the end of the night came the most talked-about band GOAT! I was surprised to see only 2 guys getting up on stage and present the doom metal everyone raves about.

Line-up: Goat, Got Sharks?, Psychokenisis

Reviewer: Tammy