Live at Tomcat (Brisbane, QLD)

18 January 2019 at Tomcat

Wow what an amazing night. I was invited to go see a show at Brisbane’s Tomcat. A colourfully decorated venue that I hadn’t been to yet. This place was decked out in some awesome street art and was the perfect environment to sit back with a beer or two and listen to some great local up and coming bands.

The set began with a band that had been recommended to me Nick Tart Band.  Made up of a collection of international artists with members coming from a diverse musical background. Unfortunately, they were let down by some technical issues and had to finish their set early. Overall a great pub rock sound and very easy to listen to.

If you haven’t heard of Speedracer get on it and have a listen. This Brisbane hard rock group have supported bands such as Butterfingers, Body Jar and singer Angry Anderson and have performed at many festivals in their short career. This 5-member band worked well together on stage and interacted well with the fans. I really enjoyed their set and, in my opinion, have a sound similar to another favourite band of mine, Alice in Chains. I added them to my Spotify list as soon as I could. The use of their female backup singer/guitarist/pianist Logan Dove completed their sound. These guys were amazing, and I look forward to seeing them again soon.

The Disgruntled Taxpayers were another highlight of mine. A band with a sense of humour with songs that reflect everyday living. Titles including Crabs (are much better when they’re at the beach), Fried Chicken Gave Me Boobs and my favourite $5 Toaster, giving me a giggle.

Next up was Muules, an Alternative rock trio that I have been following for a while now. I have had the opportunity to see them live a couple of times and they just keep getting better and better. Tonight, without any hiccups they put on another epic show. A highly organised and professional band. You can see these guys mean business. The band consists of Nathan Vasey (vocals), Nick Boardman (drums) and Rhys Fox (bass/effects). I just love their grunty sound, with vocals similar to what you would find in any good grunge bar in Seattle in the 90’s. This show was a sort of unofficial launch for their next single, Unabated, which is being released on Feb 22 through all good streaming providers. These guys and their very supportive partners are genuinely nice people. If you haven’t already, check these guys out. I can’t wait to see where these guys go. They Rock!

Lastly was 4-piece alternative rock group Empanic. The band members, who have been mates from primary school have been experimenting with instruments and sounds from the beginning creating their individual sound. Their set was a mixture of short catchy numbers that hit the audience with a punch and powerful 10-minute numbers that command audiences to pay attention as their drink went warm in their hands. This was the bands last hoorah for a little while as the boys take a short 6 month break from performing and boy did they put on a great show. They had catchy sound and were very entertaining and the audience loved it.

Finally, we’ve come to the end of and epic 5 band show. I love it when I can walk away from a local show with new bands to add to my ever-growing collection of tunes. Thanks to all the bands and fans for a great night x

Line-up: Nick Tart Band, Speedracer, The Disgruntled Taxpayers, Muules, Empanic

Reviewer: Cherie Smith
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera