Lo! and Sumeru Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

12 January 2019 at Crowbar

First off the rank were local lads Consumed, their third gig to date. They warmed up the punters ears with their black metal inspired grindcore. A wall of noise and a mixture of break beats down to moments of sludge – an aural assault to waken us from our Saturday afternoon slumber. More can be heard at their self-titled digi album on bandcamp.  Consumed by Consumed.

Descent continued with the hardcore/grind persuasion in the dungeon that is the live band space at Crowbar. Hailing also from Brisbane, I found Descent to be slightly more thrash based whilst maintaining the blasting wall of sound. The track Chameleon from their 2018 album Towers of Grandiosity stood out with a leaning towards a sludge funeral dirge.

Next up were LO! a definite highlight and up there amongst my favourite Australian Metal bands. These New South Welshman have such personality on stage which melds incredibly with their song structure to create a live set that should not be missed. I first discovered LO! at the Dead of Winter Festival last year and whenever I get the chance to catch them live, I’m there with bells on. Following on from their 2017 album Vestigal and their haunting unforgettable film clips, the live touring schedule is the icing on the Iced Vovo. Kicking off the Brissie set with the 2nd song off Vestigal – As Fools Ripen – we were in for a ripper show! Another favourite was Locust Christ (check this video out!) followed up by A Tiger Moths Shadow where we see the animated lead singer and formidable Sam Dillon conducting the writhing audience with his dead spirit fingers. Tribal drumbeats and sludging death metal are what make LO! a standout in the metal scene.  Lunging into the crowd, writing and dancing like a praying mantis Sam is one of Australia’s enrapturing lead men. The 5th (song) overture in Gods of Ruin we find the lead out drone of Carl Whitbreads’ amazing Gibson with the backing of the two Adrians (Adrian Griffin on drums and the spinal column of the band Adrian Shapiro on bass and backing vocals).  Concluding the evenings set with the popular Orca which set the crowd into more hair swirling delight.

Then the reason behind the evening’s festivities was the 2019 tour of Sumeru for the release of their second album Summon Destroyer. I have to make a special mention here to their drummer Andres who broke his leg the day before the gig – not just once, but thrice! Without the kindness and untapped energy source that is the drummer from LO! Adrian Griffin – the night would have been a wash out. So, thanks to Adrian for being a legend and stepping in to help out his fellow Sydney compatriots. The force is strong in that one.  I feel the injury of their drummer understandably had a toll on the rest of the band and the gig but as the set continued and the exchange between the band and the crowd increased. Sumeru gave us a building rendition to why they are amongst Australia’s best Sludge Metallers. Heavy duty riffs and both Peter and Chris sharing lead break blasts were a highlight. Pat Taylor being a guiding force on bass and the giant that is Matt Power screaming if he were to become the first male banshee. The title track was the definite highlight of the set and the crowds’ appreciation and reaction to Sumeru will ensure they continue on for many more years. Another reason to feel proud to be a part of the kinship of the Australian Metal Tribe. Hail! \m/

Line-up: Sumeru, Lo!, Decent

Reviewer: Tina Summers
Photocredits: Leon Jones