Logic Defies Logic, Witches and Zombies Tour (Brisbane, QLD)

27 June 2019 at The Crowbar

Ahhhhhh gotta love the Crowbar, a mainstay in the Brissy music scene for so many years now and one of my personal favorites. Always such a chill and easy-going place to enjoy some good music and a few brews. I have seen so many quality local bands here over the years and always look forward to going back. What an interesting and varied line up of bands I had in store for me, it ensured there would be an enjoyable and entertaining night ahead.

Second Circle got the night off and running with some melodic riffs carried nicely by some great work by the bassist and drummer, they put in a solid performance.

Seraphic were next to take the stage and I was quite genuinely surprised with the classical almost gothic style of metal.  I’m a fan of legends in this genre, Cradle of Filth. So I really enjoyed the guitar driven sound that this band showcases. With the addition of the keyboard and the solid drum work that didn’t miss a beat it was a good lead up for what was to come.

Logic Defies Logic hit the stage with some serious gusto and enthusiasm. A solid well-polished band with contagious energy and stage presence that didn’t take a backward step. The smile never left the face of each and every member of the band for the entire performance. It shows that they enjoy what they do, and they are rather good at.

These boys have a diverse and eclectic sound that ranges from old school outright shredding from the lead guitar to downright fun and funky bass riffs any band would be proud of. The range from the singer is equally impressive with one of the best metal screams I have heard since I can’t remember when, all backed up by a solid no nonsense drummer who ties this package together superbly. It truly was an enjoyable set full of unexpected surprises and melody changes that really shows what this band is capable of, one to definitely keep an ear out for in the future.

The Stranger were the last band to take the stage for the evening, having seen these guys just recently I was pumped to see them perform again. What a great way to finish the night, even playing to a room of 20 people or there about they held nothing back. Some funky slap bass and some sharp guitar work carried us through to the end of the night.

Always love walking away from these gigs searching down some of the tracks I really enjoyed. I can tell you my playlist is much better for it. Great night yet again thanks Crowbar you rarely disappoint.

Line-up: Logic Defies Logic, The Stranger, Seraphic, Second Circle

Reviewer: Stephen Simpson