Metal Evilution 5 July (Sydney, NSW)

5 July 2013 at Valve Bar

Metal Evilution was presenting the band Metal and we could not miss that. So we headed out to Tempe.

The first band Enter VI were warming people up with some good solid metal. Enter VI was followed by the guys from Fenrir . It seems that everywhere we go to gigs, Fenrir is part of the show. And that's actually a really good thing because those guys are so worth seeing. They play great speed metal, singer Duncan is just the best entertainer with his flute, his (nordig) saga songs and the very decorative wolf fur around the shoulders. Fenrir fires up the party by jumping into the crowd and joining the mosh pit. All the blood and runes they paint themselves with, makes the gig complete.

This time, Fenrir got Nick, Head In A Jar , to replace one of the original guitarist from Fenrir for the gig. With Nick's band colleagues Onni and Gordon were in the audience and when Fenrir was about to finish, Head In A Jar spontaneously over and performed their song 'Head In A Jar' together with the parts of Fenrir which were not moshing in the crowd. Since Head In A Jar's drummer was not present, Fenrir drummer George impressively adapted immediately to the new band he was playing for.

When Fenrir / Head In A Jar finally left the stage, Malakyte followed. The guys from Brisbane came all the way to Sydney, to play again with the band Metal and give Sydney a good taste of their thrash metal. Combined with the guitarists glam metal leather jacket, fluffy hair and fringe, they are certainly quite an act to watch (and hear).

And then the big finale, the band called Metal. Talking about the band always leads somehow to misunderstandings but yes, Metal are playing metal. They actually do that really well and play some good classic heavy metal. We were quite honoured that they stop over in Sydney before they head off to tour Japan. We wish them good luck!

Thanks to Metal Evilution's Dave (there is a picture of him in the slider above) for organizing another great evening!

Line-up: Enter VI, Fenrir, Head In A Jar, Malakyte, Metal

Reviewer: Anja