METAL NITE (Adelaide, SA)

26 April 2014 at Bridgeway Hotel
The anticipation for the gig tonight was tantalising. The room was surprisingly large, bigger than some of those where the larger international bands play. Fowlers Live and the Enigma bar come to mind, but in saying that, it was still small enough to have the personal relationship with the bands coming to play.

As the crowd grew, the lights dimmed and intro music to first tribute band, Electric Funeral, began their Black Sabbath inspired set. The four piece were exceptionally gratifying. The vocalist had the difficult job of portraying a living legend Ozzy, but the different style was definitely made up by infectious enthusiasm. He smashed out the classic hits one after another, including Faries wear boots, Paranoid and closing song after a little encore War Pigs. The crowd definitely came to life when the intro to Children of the Grave began. The hair began to fly and pit moved in time to the music. The band as a whole were a well oiled machine showing the greatest of respect for Black Sabbath.

Next up was the band I was most looking forward to seeing as I would be very unlikely to be privileged enough in seeing the real Judas Priest without heading overseas. Playing before me sending shivers down my spine were British Steel, the Australian Judas Priest show. Perched on a stack of amps was the lead singer looking down upon the disciples of metal. Clad in leather and spikes the band broke out into the classic hit Electric eye followed by Turbo Lover, Painkiller and more. I was in the front giving as much back to the band as they were dishing out to the moshing crowd. I was lucky enough to be given a Priest back patch named after one of the latest albums to be released, Nostradamus. British Steel not only paid tribute but did themselves proud knowing they served up a hell of a show, with audience interaction by the whole room. With a massive body of work to choose from the set list could have gone on all night, which I would have loved, but there was one more band to come so the leather clad lads had to say farewell but hopefully will return to Adelaide soon.

Finally the room was ready to get going with the Metal tributes of Matterhorn, a band with the task of playing songs from many metal bands. They certainly delivered smashing out songs from Iron Maiden (the Trooper, 2 Minutes to midnight) Metallica (seek and destroy, am I evil) as well as songs from legends Dio, Black Label society. Matterhorn were lead by a blonde haired temptress who did and amazing job on par with the heavy weights in the female led bands. Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow comes closest in mind in describing the absolute power in her voice and stage presence. The band really enjoyed themselves which came across in their performance, highlighted by a flag waving Eddie from Iron Maiden and the finale where all the bands came out on stage to sing the appropriately titled Priest classic Living after Midnight.

All up I walked away from the night's performance with a sore throat and stiff neck but completely satisfied with the evening of tributes. Any one of the bands could have played all night without complaint from me. The night was equally enjoyed by the rest of the crowd from the looks on their faces as they left. The staff, security and management of the Bridgeway Hotel were helpful and professional and I cannot wait for the next metal night later in May to head back there again.

5 out of 5 metal roos for a fantastic night out.

Line-up: Matterhorn, British Steel, Electric Funeral

Reviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham