Metal of Honour ft. Monoliyth (Brisbane, QLD)

27 July 2019 at The Back room

Thanks as always going to the legend Mikey of Metal of Honour & The Back Room for supporting & keeping Brisbanes metal scene live & heavy.

Beginning the heavy were Murwillumbah lads Decryptus. I have seen these fellows on several occasions & they are always a delight. With “pretty” double kick from Sams drums which he described as similar to “Ice Skating” they woke the early punters from their Saturday afternoon stupor. Playing their new single Merchants of Dischord I feel the bands growth & unity in this new release. They are a fine example of the excellence of Australian Heavy Metal & I recommend you catch them when we see them return to the Back Room at Shredfest on the 31stAugust.

Tonight was like a multi-layered treat with several of my favourite local bands playing & next were Aslyum. Our local thrash lads Jimmy (bass & vox), Shane, Rob (guitars) & Levi (drums) roared straight into their old school-esque style thrash metal. Beginning with Demons Call & then into Victim Complex they showed yet again they are up there with some of the best thrash outfits this country has to offer. Shane & Robs alternating lead riffs are excellent & as a whole the band are brilliant in their precision & enthusiasm.

Laceration Mantra brings us back to black – with the local legends serving us up some of my favourite local black metal tunes. They have been around the traps for quite some time & that shows through in their gigs. Tonight sharing from their 2016 album Infestedthey treated us amongst others to some fav tracks as Masochistic Laceration & Annihilation for Idolatry. They will be joining Decryptus at the next Shredfest. Check out their page as the bands have cheaper tickets for the event.

Someone let the Mexicans over the boarder & Monoliyth invaded the Brisbane eardrums with brutal force. They were LOUD – describing themselves as “skull crushing death metal” & I can certainly see/hear why. Luckily I enjoy my cranium being tampered with especially by old school Death Metal. Hailing from the coast of Victoria in Mornington the 5 piece are impressive. They have a 2007 release full length album Imminent Demise available & soon there will be a follow up named He Who Kills by the end of 2019. You can catch them again at Shredfest – that’s going to be one hell of a line up.

The crowd was small last night but that was due to the fact there were two other gigs with excellent line ups of metal on. The Brisbane scene is thriving – get out there & support your live music scene. Its good for the soul – black thou it be! HAIL!

Line-up: Monoliyth, Laceration Mantra, Asylum, Decryptus

Reviewer: Tina Summers