Metal United Down Under (Adelaide, SA)

15 October 2016 at Enigma Bar

Like all good thing we have to wait for but today is finally October 15th and the wait is over. Metal United Down Under #3 is here. The event that joins metalheads from right around the country.

The Enigma Bar is the location for the Adelaide leg of this momentous night. Getting into the city was an adventure like always, tonight there are zombies creeping around the joint on their annual walk. My mind is squarely focussed on the metal I’m about to be hammered with… I can’t wait.

Opening the night’s festivities is a new band making their debut show at MUDU this year. I,Icarus are a 5 piece band with a decent crowd moshing in front of them being as it is still very early in the night it is a great sight. The youngsters are amazingly confident and play a hell of a first show. Lead singer Jordan is commanding in his delivery. Being a new band I’m unfamiliar with their material although I do recognise Perplexity, a song the band released a little while ago online. On a side note happy birthday to Jordan, thank you for sharing your special day with the rest of us.

Featuring for the first time on the main stage tonight are one of the most brutal bands I have had the pleasure to see once before tonight. Wounded Pig is extreme grind core personified. Their straight forward no-nonsense approach is a sight to behold. Very minimalistic on stage, the 3 piece band doesn’t have a drummer, opting to use a drum machine programmed by guitarist Sam. During the set Sam did break a string which the provided the band to take an unfortunate mid set break. Vocalist Ben called out for a joke or two but since we were at a metal gig and not a comedy festival there were none. Some good thinking saw a bass only song which we all got to hear the crushing bass tone of Jessica all alone with the furious vocals. With guitar string sorted out it is all guns blazing again, if you haven’t witnessed a Wounded Pig gig… why not?

Proving metal doesn’t discriminate and putting on an extremely manic show are I,Protagonist. A six piece band the dual vocals being a highlight sharing the duties. One of the vocalists is in a wheelchair but not letting that inhibit him for one second.  A brutal sound and performance follows likewise. Intricate guitar work with flawless hammer on solos. For the 1st time seeing I,Protagonist and I am impressed.

Continuing their tour, hailing from Western Australia, is Deadspace. The only band tonight to use a fog machine to add effect to their gothic inspired set. The lead singer made an interesting start to the set by dousing a jug of beer all over himself, then proclaiming to all “I wasn’t going to drink this any way, it tastes like cum”. The mind wanders at this comment, but it’s all about the metal. Deadspace have a powerful sound with a definite groove laden riffs pounding at the core. Playing material from their EP Gravity they are an exciting band to see, definitely one to not miss.

Getting towards the pointy end of the night now and Sedulous Rouse enter the fray with a chaotic start. The three piece band has a progressive metal sound with traditional metal and a good dose of thrash groove to make it all the more interesting. The band put on a very intoxicating set with some funny antics from bassist Burt “Batman” Murdock.

Nemesium have travelled from Victoria to join the madness tonight and the lads do not disappoint. Heading like a freight train into uncharted roads they pound the ears and senses of everyone in front of them with extreme metal. Death metal growls and powerful guitars are the setting for the next 30 minutes. The trip to MUDU was well worth the effort.

Having heard a lot about Facegrinder from mates and watching clips on YouTube. I was looking forward with anticipation to finally see the monster unleased in person. The grind core band from the west proved that they have a solid grasp on what they do and do it bloody well. With so much intensity one’s ears were being assaulted from the lads who played tracks from the EP Cosmic Background. The manic crowd in front of the band enjoyed every riff and blast beat as much as the guys playing did too.

Finally to the last band of Metal United Down Under, Adelaide. The main stage welcome local grind core masters SICKNESS. They dominate the stage with a deafening roar and blood thirsty fever. Enraged by what is happening in the world today, the SICKNESS lads’ set is full of charged emotions. Playing track after track from the Democide album SICKNESS (well, Dan literally did) throw themselves head first into rigorous action. With songs lasting for 30 seconds or so with one of the longest being Made in Israel, don’t dare blink or take a piss because you’ll miss out of the fun. Introducing new drummer Paul Murphy it was great to see the lads enjoying themselves. Man mountain’s Nick and Stu took up most of the stage while guitarist Dan spent a lot of the time ripping out tunes from his back lying on the ground. A highly engrossing set full of blistering tunes tonight main act decimated and brought the SICKNESS forth.

Until next year… \m/

Line-up: Sickness, Facegrinder, Nemesium, Sedulous Rouse, Deadspace, I,Protagonist, Wounded Pig, I,Icarus

Reviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham