Metal United World Wide 2019 Ipswich (Ipswich, QLD)

15 June 2019 at Banchees Bar and Artspace

Metal United World Wide – 2019 wherever you were, was an event not to be missed and I was privileged to represent and review the Ipswich, Australia show at the Banchees Bar and Artspace. The build up to this event was epic, with over 400 bands from 39 countries signing up to be part of this metal community event.

A normally quiet country town came alive for one night to celebrate the MUWW glory showcasing a couple of local Brisbane metal bands Speedracer and Black Whiskey. The Banchees Bar and Artspace was a new venue to me and I wasn’t disappointed. Wall to wall artwork from local artists kept me entertained till the bands started and the friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere set us up for the awesome night ahead.  This small but perfect venue was filled with loyal fans, some who travelled some distance to see their favourites play. The space also managed to accommodate the spill of locals straggling in from the races and new fans united immediately and joined in the metal fest.

Speedracer were up first and I must admit I was excited to see these guys again. I first saw this band as a 5 piece earlier on this year and loved how they managed to hit awesome harmonies but tonight, 6 months later now a 4-piece unit managed to excite me just as much. Almost like nothing had changed these guys showed us they were still just as worthy and still impressed me with their vocal ranges. The powerful belting leading vocals from Jason Vowels were balanced by Andrew Waterfield (Guitar/Vocals) while Bill Beverley (Bass) and Gavin Herrenberg (Drums) smashed out some amazing beats. This Brisbane hard rock group have supported bands such as Butterfingers, Body Jar and singer Angry Anderson and have performed at many festivals in their short career. They started off their set with Speedracer and my favourite Silver $ Baby and tonight, we were also treated with the band playing us 2 new songs Sleep and She’s got me thinking. I love the direction this band is heading, and I can’t wait to see more. Ending the set with Production Line another new song. We were in luck tonight as we were the first to hear this song performed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  If you haven’t heard of Speedracer get on it and have a listen, These guys rock!

To end the night was Black Whiskey. A band I have been told is a must see and tonight I saw why. They were formed in Brisbane by lead singer and frontman, Alan Goodluck along with Dan Coates (Guitar), Will Clayfield (Bass), Matthew Tuxworth (Guitar), and Mark Gronfors (Drums). The sureness these guys showed on stage was proof of the years of experience behind Black Whisky. A stage presence like that of Guns n’ Roses and Motley Crue with a modern rock look with awesome vocal melodies. What more could we ask for? Successfully played on many radio stations nationally and internationally these guys were ready to rock. This professionalism has seen them rise up, supporting bands such as Aussie legends Rose Tattoo, England’s Skinread, America’s Stryper, Hollywood Undead, Hollywood’s sleaze kings and Faster Pussycat just to name a few. This band was influenced by Aussie bands such as ACDC, Rose Tattoo and the Angels so there was no doubt I would enjoy it. They started their set with a newbie Raising Hell and boy did that set the scene for the night.  Followed by another favourite of mine they rocked-out to Whiskey Rock and Roll. A new song to me but I found myself singing along as if I’d know it for years. A great pub rock sound with a punch and the bands slogan ‘Rock n Roll is Dangerous Again!’ suits them to a T. They continued with Too hot to handle and finished off their set with another new song Wild n Free. It left me wanting more and thanks to the amped crowd shouting for an encore we were treated to a special encore of No More.  I went in with a high expectation after the many raving reviews of this band and I was wasn’t disappointed. Awesome show, awesome night.

Being a small venue, accommodating only a couple bands I couldn’t have picked two more entertaining bands to represent Metal United World Wide. These two bands gave us their all and we all had a great night. The mingling of the locals, the fans and the many drunk Ipswich Race patrons made for a very entertaining night. A mixture of suits, pirates, metal fans, formal dresses and heals, we all united for the love of metal. Metal United World Wide didn’t disappoint, and I can’t wait for next year.  

Both Black Whiskey and Speedracer are playing again for ROCKMASS IN JULY at The Back Room Brisbane on Saturday, July 20th along with For The Wolves and Kamikaze Rex.

Line-up: Black Whiskey, Speedracer

Reviewer: Cherie Smith
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera