Thrash Bandicoot – Milwaukee Cannibal (EP Review)

Thrash Bandicoot

Fun but fast stepping riffs with the forceful brutal thrash metal vocals is how I would explain Thrash Bandicoot’s Milwaukee Cannibal. There is a lot going on in each track with all elements pulling you into their own world.

First up, those vocals.. are brutal, heavy and have a slight range in highs and lows. Not over the top just blended nicely with some sections made more powerful with so backing help. Very well crafted and constructed.

The drums.. that were incredible. You have thrash drummers, then you have THRASH drummers. Nice rhythmic with clean changes and pauses, intense double kick work and smashing cymbals. Every single beat is there that you would expect but with a more full sound and sequence. Absolutely enjoyable to hear.

Bass was very well blended with the guitars, sneaking through on some parts to bring itself to the light, very well played, nice technical work and really well-positioned within the whole mix.

Well, guitars, Fast pace picking with nice clean crisp changes, breakdowns in dissolve and fun picking riffage that keeps you wanting more. The way the guitars work the riffs are incredibly talented with Wicked little lead sections throughout the tracks. Plenty of Chugg sections as well as it forms the basis of the melodies with little hints of obscure riffage.

Overall it was a great EP and absolutely enjoyable!! Great to see an Australian band bringing new light and fun riffage to a genre that already has so much. Well done guys! Can’t wait to hear more.

Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by DK Kelly

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