MMK Music Presents and the Prince of Wales Hotel (Brisbane, QLD)

6 September 2019 at Prince of Wales Hotel

The Prince of Wales Hotel is one of the Northsides venues for local Brisbane heavy rock & metal acts. Thanks to MMK Music Promotions for bringing us a variety of local musicians beginning with the last minute addition of Purveyors of the Irregular. Calling themselves Psychedelic Punk & Grunge I can definitely see where they get the Psychedelic description from. With songs containing lyrics & names like Robot Boy & Fat Man on a Moped – they are a good fun time. Punk rock with feedback & a friend stating they had a bit of a Fugazi punk rock vibe to them. Check out their page here

[Purveyors of the Irregular Facebook]


Next up were local favourites The New Calm. Their first show at the POW, but I am sure not the last. They are beginning to gig more regularly around the traps & building a following. The groove grunge 3 piece consisting of Gary on guitar & vocals, Guillaume on bass & Anthony on drums, rocked their way through their all original set. With a spattering of new songs such as Naked Sun & Goliath (a song written about the ageing process & the lengths people go to keep looking young) to older tunes like Pandemic & a personal fav with My Animal.They are grungy & heavy with some groove thrown in for good measure along with the eclectic time signatures The New Calm are a Brisbane band to keep an eye on. They will be releasing a single at the Crowbar on the 22ndDecember so I am sure we are in for a real treat. Keep up to date at their page & have a listen on Soundcloud.

[The New Calm Facebook]


Two piece Trace entertained us next with their drums & guitar duo. More grunge influences here so I was a happy camper. Members Scott Wade & Chris Arthur make a great team singing together & harmonizing together. Personally I think it’s a tough choice to play without bass or with just two people, but they caught the audience’s attention & their song structure was unique & interesting. Beginning with ambient samples to create the mood, you can hear the influences of the Seattle grunge movement in their sound as they come to ear blasting crescendos. Great musical ability & I am sure they will carve out their niche in the local scene.

[Trace Facebook]


Completing the evening were Pandanas to a crowded room with some die hard fans. The female fronted powerhouse in Ellie Jane leads the band into a classic hard rock based set. Her voice was absolutely amazing from start to finish – holding notes for longer than you can possibly conceive – they began with an acoustic countryesque melody & then launched into their rock n roll onslaught. Si Dunn backing her up with his guitar, Dario Giubileo on bass first time playing live with the band, & David Solis holding it altogether on the skins. Enjoyable epic set, I can see why they are popular at the POW & how they have a solid following. Follow along at home here

[Pandanas Facebook]


Keep the local scene alive – get out & support your local musicians!


Line-up: Pandanas, Trace, The New Calm, Purveyors of the Irregular

Reviewer: Tina Summers