New Dead Fest VI (Adelaide, SA)

14 March 2015 at Fowlers Live
Work, school, paying bills….kids (those who have them) it's all a bit of a drag making time slow down but when you have something so awesome to look forward to it seems to go a little faster. Sadly Adelaide has now lost the Soundwave festival. A whole day event gone but alas in Adelaide we have the cure, well all those who love metal do at least. The live music scene in Adelaide, in my opinion, is strong and viable. Especially the event that many of us are anxious to attend: New Dead 6 and it is about to begin…

Opening the show are Storm the Asylum. These guys will be asked for ID for years to come. Young they are, but strong in the force… um metal they are. Playing to a room that is still filling the guys show how the future of metal is done, proving it isn't age that makes a good band but dedication, spirit and a kick ass attitude . These dude have that. Look out for Storm the Asylum, I predict big things from these guys!

Very fast changes of bands are the order of the day and without delay Witmotr are on stage. With dual vocals mixing clean vocals and deathly screams. Witmotr have some pretty damned catchy riffs along with some funky slap bass. Some of their tunes have a tool-esque vibe to them.

From Birth to Burial are up next. I have been keen to see this band live for a while, having heard some of their tunes before. I can honestly say they did not disappoint. To me they have a heavy punk feel with some intricate guitar solos mixed in, little interludes then a snare drum picking up the tune and driving the song to a blistering end.

The next band up have the best name I have heard in years. Directly to the point and if you can't tell the genre they are playing then you need to leave now! I am speaking of Blood Covered Shovel. Damn, how did some band not think of this name before? They are in your face with a dual Dean guitar attack (cool metal guitars, if you ask me). Brutal death metal tunes ensue, with the first circle pit of the day forming during Blood Covered Shovel's set ( I had to put that in one more time, Blood Covered Shovel… ok, I'm done now)

The biggest band by size and name are next, Mammoth, playing massive heavy bluesy metal in the vein of Down and those kind of bands. Heavy groove 6 piece with a sonically heavy sound, they aren't fast by any means but heads are nodding in tune. Mammoth have 3 guitarists which in itself must be challenging but they make it work.

Thrash Metal band Metal Storm take to the stage next with hands in the air metal anthems, fast solos, double bass drums and a larger than life vocalist who works the crowd to perfection. I love Thrash Metal and I loved Metal Storm's set.

The most unusual band I have seen in years enter dressed in robes. Ready for a black mass, delicate (if one can say that) face painting adorn the members of Oath Of Damnation. Total stage theatrics are the order of the next half hour, haunting keyboards of the lead singer who is half hidden behind a black podium. Oath of Damnation are a very unique band but unfortunately had very distorted sound. Disappointing but one day I will see them again.

Western Australian band Earth Rot smash out thrash metal tunes with vigour and fast paced windmill head banging from the guitarists and bassist, playing tunes from their debut album "Follow the Black Smoke". They have a massive crowd eating up everything they have to say.

Colossvs are a death/thrash band from Melbourne. The thing I really like from these guys are that each song has a different tempo and time signature, with the vocals that follow the tunes, heavy death growls to high pitched screams. Colossvs also feature the 2nd circle pit of the day, over half way in and only 2 circle pits.
In Malice's Wake have paid their dues and now are in Adelaide brutalising the massive crowd that befall them with thrash metal tunes that smash necks and ruin vocal cords. They are the first band to have a band backdrop today.

Adelaide's own drinking band have single handedly helped up the index price of Coopers Brewery. Thrash metal kings ALKIRA once again proved why they are here for their 2nd year in a row at New Dead. They are fast and infectious, creating a wall of death in Fowlers Live is a mean feat in itself but they managed to achieve it, playing tunes from their album "Juggernaut" and finishing off with a cover of Sepultura's "Inner Self". ALKIRA never disappoint but like a good beer, only get better.

Festival organiser Jason North and his band Truth Corroded play a blistering set from their extensive back catalogue of tunes, featuring the smiling assassin guitarist as well as one of the cleanest lead guitar playing I have ever seen (and I have seen lots!). I love this guy. He is brilliant and no wonder Truthies are the band that they are, obtaining circle pits and crowd surfing. Truth Corroded once again made New Dead the premier event of the metal calendar. Completing the show is the appearance of original guitarist Mark Lennard for a song which topped the show.

6 string bass madness of Australian band Alarum bring their unique style to the New Dead stage, progressive metal Jazz fused craziness. These guys are in a league of their own. Powerful doesn't describe them well enough, if you haven't seen Alarum, you should!
Aussie metal stalwarts Dreadnaught hit the stage, giving the crowd of Fowlers a history lesson on how metal is played. With over 21 years of experience tonight's show is testament to an Australian metal band who have more than paid their dues to the road and beyond. Seeing their set was an experience that will live on for many more years to come.

Formed in 2010, Brisbane based band Aversions Crown have the loudest bass sound of the day. I say that because I can feel the air pressure from the amps from metres back of the stage. Whether that's good for the ears, well that's a different story. The Metalcore group pound relentlessly those present to the ground and stomp on their heads. This was a brutal set from the boys, good shit, I say.

First of the headlining acts and the only U.S. based band on tonight's bill and the first time to witness their aural assault on the senses Goatwhore, decked out in spike armoury not seen since early Slayer years. The guys from Louisiana are beginning their Australian tour right here and now with little ditty's such as Fucked by Satan and Judgement of the Bleeding, they leave little to the imagination. Also leaving nothing on stage, giving 100% effort and maximum crowd participation, it is easy to see why they were invited to our shores and to New Dead. They killed it!!

Now to the final band of the night, Australia's own touring export legends from Tasmania. Everyone give a round of applause or in our case raise the fucking roof with horn held up high and welcome Psycroptic front and centre. Touring with their new opus self titled Psycroptic, these guys are relentless tonight which is what the baited crowd are after. Total annihilation! And Psycroptic deliver the show of their lives here for all of us to witness. It is an honour to see a spectacular show of brutality and finesse all rolled into one fucking awesome gig …thank you, boys.

Once again we all have to thank the guys at Fowlers Live for the venue: Bar staff who lubricated hundreds of metal heads, the legendary guys who manned the BBQ, all the bands who played and lastly and most important the man himself, Jason North, who once again pulled together another great night. I don't know how it will be topped but look forward to next year's festival that glorifies all that is metal. See ya at New Dead VII…..\M/

Line-up: Psycroptic, Goatwhore (USA), Aversions Crown, Dreadnaught, Alarum, Truth Corroded, In Malices Wake, Alkira, Colossvs, Earth Rot, Oath Of Damnation, Metalstorm, Mammoth, From Birth To Burial, Blood Covered Shovel, Witmotr, Storm The Asylum

Reviewer: Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham
Photocredits: Michael Lueders, Adrian ‘Dren’ Barham