New Dead V (Adelaide, SA)

31 May 2014 at Fowlers Live
The morning of the 31st of May was a really miserable. It was wet and cold, a typical winter's day in Adelaide. The kind of day when you want to stay indoors and do nothing. Fortunately for myself and others we had an indoor place to go and something to do. We had New Dead 5 at Fowlers Live.

Kicking off proceedings were local Adelaide band AModernDeath. They played to a room which was filling up fast. It was great to see the metal heads of Adelaide came out in force for the first band up. It was a great, solid performance from the boys kicking New Dead 5 off in style.

Proving that zombies do walk the earth were Gorlapse. A heavy groove based death metal band with a face masked bass player entertaining the crowd with their infectious moves, creating the first but not last circle pit of the day.

New Dead 5 was the farewell show for Voros guitarist. Playing material from their new EP " The Sky Burial" the band showed their mate just why he will be missed from the band, but bowing out in fine form. All the best for the future mate..\m/

Another local act followed up…..Headbore. These lads have taken their performance up a few notches since seeing them last time, and at New Dead 5 with a lots of friends and peers looking on, it really shone through. Carving their way through their set in blistering style with songs from Strength in Numbers, Headbore also debuted a new song from a new forthcoming album which had the floor moving and head banging with Headbores signature sound. Spectacular performance from the lads, can't wait to see the Adelaide band play again soon.

Dyssidia played the first keyboard driven set of the day with power metal stories in their own unique style. This was in contrast to Hadal Maw who, with their guitarists both playing 8 string beasts, were sonically heavy as all hell. With two banners the stage had the first props for the day. So far New Dead 5 had delivered the goods and it was only 3 hours in, with way more metal to come.

Hardcore band Bronson had the floor jumping in time with their lead singer. It was a refreshing change of style but still assaulting Fowlers Live with every part of their being.

The next band really didn't need introduction. As the windmill head banging began, Harlott had the crowd eating out of their hands with their thrash anthems destroying all but the strongest of heart. The fun Harlott had on stage was infectious. The crowd really payed them back in song, singing along. Playing material from their new album Origin with Melbourne outfit showed exactly why the cream rises to the top and proving that we all shouldn't deny our origins.

Following Harlott was Kyzer Soze and back to brutal black death metal. The whipping windmill head banging returned with a vengeance. Playing like they were possessed with demons from hell their set was added to with the master sound man, Josh Barohn, ex-bassist from legendary bands Suffocation and Autopsy. Having not seen them play before I was very impressed with the quality of material they had to offer. New Dead 5 has brought out the best in every band.

The first band wearing corpse paint today was black metal outfit Advent Sorrow. Using keyboards, their sound was colourful with introduction arrangements which carried through into their set. The stage show was enhanced by the use of a smoke machine and strobe lighting.

The next two bands to grace the stage of New Dead 5 were Aeons of Horus and Sebonkira both having sets that were frenetic and captivating.

Claim the Thrones' set was eerily quiet but I don't believe it was because they didn't deliver a fantastic set. I came to the conclusion that on keyboards and backing vocals was a raven-haired beauty and the males in the crowd were entranced by seeing the only female in all of New Dead 5. Their sound was imposing with melodic charms

New Dead 5 was heading towards the pointy end of the day with the headlining bands warming up.

Truth Corroded commanded respect as they walked out onto the stage. As they began the head banging became fierce in a friendly violent way. Slipping over on the beer covered floor one poor dude came out second best, smashing his head on the ground and walking away blood- soaked but with a big smile on his face. They had a few issues with the drum pedals needing mid gig repairs but in the meantime gave the opportunity to thank all the bands so far for travelling the vast distances especially for Truth Corroded guitarist who over extended himself by coming from the eastern suburbs of Adelaide, well done mate, well worth the time getting to the gig…\m/.

Melodic power metal was the order up next with Vanishing Point, the only way to describe them is epic. They sounded a little like Iron Maiden with a good dose of Helloween. Their set was full of memorable sing along choruses.

Finishing off their "Singing for our Supper" tour were LORD, a band who were clearly having a great time performing tonight and it was infectious. The enjoyment that was passed from band to audience was clear for all to see. The interaction between guitarist and bass player were verging on the comical as they would swap sides of the stage, the mic stand would be dropped so bass player would have to drop to his knees to sing back up. LORD are clearly one of Australia's premier bands performing all over the world. With intricate dual guitar solos and melting riffs LORD make music seem effortless. It was a privilege to witness this set.

Finally to the main headliner of New Dead 5; King Parrot. Extreme metal grind core was the order of the finale. Things were getting a little uneasy and dangerous in the pit as King Parrot's manic set exploded into high gear which took all of two and half seconds of the first song. Youngy throwing water bottles out into the crowd without care, some poor dude in the crowd called out to bass player Slatts in which he replied "just because your wearing a King Parrot t-shirt, it doesn't mean I like you, dickhead". Arms and legs were being thrown in the pit violently as the music blasted. King Parrot were the highlight of New Dead 5 and closed out the night in style even though they all are clinically insane.

A massive thank you has to go to Fowlers Live for hosting the festival, bar staff and security. Andrew Haug, Truth Inc and the man of the night, organiser Jason North. It was a long day/night and finally to all the metal heads of Adelaide thank you for showing up in great numbers. Bring on New Dead 6.

Line-up: King Parrot, Lord, Vanishing Point, Truth Corroded, Claim The Throne, Sebonkira, Aeon Of Horus, Advent Sorrow, Kyzer Soze, Harlott, Bronson, Hadal Maw, Dyssidia, Headbore, Voros, Gorlapse, Amoderndeath

Reviewer: Adrian 'Dren' Barham