New Dead X (Adelaide, SA)

2 November 2019 at Lion Arts Factory

Another year and the Aussie metal scene descends on Adelaide for the New Dead festival in its 10th year of existence. Unfortunately, I was a little late so to the bands I missed I am sorry.

First act I saw was Battle Sword Steel Master who played very fun traditional metal with wigs and fun in spades.

In The Burial were up next on the back of a recent tour in Japan. They are powerful, Mel has a wide vocal range which perfectly fits their intense and melodic compositions. They created a great atmosphere and the crowd reacted in kind! Finished with Arise the Heretics off brilliant new album Lamentations of Deceit and Redemption to a rapturous applause.

Asylum hit the small stage next and blew us away with their teutonic style aggression with an Aussie twist! Their bass playing front man commanded the stage as the band blasted behind him. Victim Complex was a highlight! Very enjoyable thrash!

Eye of the Enemy played next. They play melodic death metal. Not my style but left to the reader to decide for themselves.

Alkira then kept the momentum up and they are truly back with their new line up. They play very aggressive thrash. New song, The Pulse, had the crowd rocking and the new album will no doubt be a banger when it is released at the end of the month!

Rise of Avernus is a band I had never seen before. Their sound incorporated brutal double bass, military like rhythms and properly evil female vocals. This band is awesome. One of my faves of the day. Deep and black, visceral screams, they really impressed. Nice take on corpse paint with pale eyes as well.

Earth Rot, these guys were excellent. Great guitar solos and play their death metal with ease. Excellent band who were supremely confident in their material.

Hidden Intent are Adelaide’s own thrash kings. They always produce the goods. With guitarist Phil recently being endorsed by Jackson guitars we were treated to some awesome solos. World class! A huge mosh pit ensued for Addicted to Thrash.

Next band I saw was The Levitation Hex playing their first show for 2 years. They are an awesome prog death band and showed their years of experience in a very strong showing. New EP is coming out early next year for these guys.

Then came my highlight, Abramelin – brilliant! Brutal old school Aussie Death proving how important attitude is to heaviness. These guys blew me away with their whole show. Start to finish it was punishing and powerful. Can’t wait for the new album! Was good to see some of the younger crowd members really getting into this classic Aussie band.

Deadspace from Perth were up next and brought their brilliant, pitch black atmospheric black metal. In Chris, they have a very charismatic front man. They bring huge intensity and create quite the stunning vibe.

King Parrot – as always – absolutely blew the stage away. They had a massive moshpit and a crazy wall of death. Some crowd surfer got a bloody nose so they brought him up onstage to dive back into the frey. They worked the crowd brilliantly and the crowd lapped it up. A truly world class performance.

Due to public transport restrictions that is where my day ended. It was full of fun, friends, laughs, fantastic bands, headbanging, raising the horns and I can’t wait for the next one. The New Dead festival is a testament to the wealth of excellent music coming out of this country right now. Jason North and all the crew and the venue are to be applauded for putting on such a good show!

Line-up: Fleshgod Apocalypse, King Parrot, Abramelin, Truth Corroded, Orpheus Omega, Earth Rot, Rise of Avernus, Deadspace, The Levitation Hex, Xenobiotic, Hidden Intent, Alkira, Eye of the Enemy, Asylum, In The Burial,
Battlesword Steelmaster, Shatter Brain, Primitive, Altar Defecation, As I Destruct

Reviewer: Roly Moore