Night of the Living Shred (Brisbane, QLD)

9 February 2019 at The Brightside

Thanks to Hysteria Mag and Young Henrys for putting on this mini Metal Festival. As I work Saturdays, I missed a few bands from the afternoon but got some wonderful words of praise from mates of which I shall pass onto to you, Roos followers.

To begin the afternoon of Shred were Puncture Wound from the Gold Coast. I have seen these old school style Death Metallers before at last year’s Shredfest and was impressed by their drummer in particular. When someone is doing something quite complicated but makes it look like a stroll in the park always gains my praise.  All reports were thumbs up for Puncture Wound.

2nd cab off the rank were Freedom of Fear. The Adelaide band were said to have progressive and thrash under tones and were popular with those that got their act into gear to get to the Shred early. With prior supports to Ne Obliviscaris and playing at Blacken Festival I would say this is just the beginning for these Southern Aussies. You can check them out with their single Amorphous –

Crave Death carried on the female frontal onslaught with the vocal prowess of Candice. Particular mention was made in regards to her voice “being brutal”. For these Brisbane Hardcore kids I am sure this will be an attention gaining attribute for the future. Check them here –

Wraith carried on the heavy hardcore blasting up from Sydney to spin the Brisbane punters into the evening. If you missed them at Night of the Living Shred you can find them playing in Brisbane on Valentines Day. Their snarling sound can be found here

Another Adelaide band –  Dyssidia brought their blend of intricate prog heaviness to greet the failing light. With harmonising vocals and keys adding to the mix, this was a change from the previous bands, which gave Night of the Living Shred the mixture to entertain all facets of the metal scene.

Then heading back down into the deathly depths with Zeolite, shows us there is nothing lite about these Melbournians. Following on from the release in 2018 of their Album Sermones Mortis we were definitely transported somewhere between this physical world and the third stage of death. They are touring around NSW and the ACT in the coming months check them out

Praise ran high for Goldy lads I Shall Devour. With avid fan base and heavy blast beats I am sure their following will remain. Check out their YouTube channel

Fellow Gold Coasters Darkcell hit the stage next. With their mix of Goth/Shock Rock/Metal they “goth” the crowd up and moving. Their stage presence and performances are always entertaining with a very solid following, acknowledging fans by name in the crowd which shows these boys have definitely done the hard yards over nearly 10 years. This was recognised recently in their addition to the German WGT Festival 2019 and also supporting Christian Death in London.  Tonight they presented new material from their self-titled album and they didn’t miss a beat. Rocking through crowd favourites such as Reign of the Monsters and finishing with Hail to the Freaks – things are definitely moving in leaps and bounds for Darkcell.

If this is how people act after A Night in Texas I think I’ll stay in Oz! From the word go the crowd where trashing around I think I even saw a few blood lips!! Needless to say the fans of
A Night in Texas
where full tilt! The Cairns born now Brisbane based Deathcore band were just that. Death to the Core. I am quite partial to a good breakdown and they had them in spades. With Ethans vocals sounding like raptors feeding and great backing vocals from the bassist Luke gave them a full sound. If your like your hardcore deathly then these fellas are for you.

Finishing off the evenings entertainment where Whoretopsy. What can I say about these Victorian characters? That they are HILARIOUSLY AWESOME! One of my personal favourite Australian Death Metal bands they got everyone’s heads swirling, crowd surfing and stage diving right from the word go! I have followed these fellows for several years and caught them a couple of years back when they supported The Black Dahlia Murder and tonight just shows they keep on getting better and better. Kicking off the set with Divine Indigestion the tongue in cheek horror show lyrics coupled with their fantastic tight as Aussie Death Metal is always pleasing and had lots of the crowd singing along too. A fan was helping lead singer Zac fill in some of the lines. Songs with stories of cheating wives in Never Tear Us Apart, dysfunctional families in Its Raining Men and a classic headbanger off their 3rd album Take My Breath Away (2018) with In Like Flynn were some highlights. Finishing off to a resounding response with Waltzing Matilda these Aussie Lads sure know how to throw a punch in the PC face of society whilst giving everyone a damned ripper of an ear bashing. If you take your metal or life too seriously for that matter, then Whoretopsy are not for you!

Here’s the clip for Waltzing Matilda – and a shout out to my metals mates from Melbourne who have award winning appearances

What a fantastic array of fine Australian Metal! I have said it before and I’ll say it again – we may be isolated down here but our Metal Tribe is strong and our bands are some of the best in the world! Hail!! \m/

Line-up: Whoretopsy, A Night In Texas, Darkcell, I Shall Devour, Zeolite, Dyssidia, Wraith, Crave Death, Freedom Of Fear, Puncture Wound

Reviewer: Tina Summers
Photocredits: Ophelia Symons