NOBODY’S FOOL Releases Video For “Eye For An Eye”

NOBODY'S FOOLEmerging from Sydney’s underground music scene in 2002, Nobody’s Fool have been producing unapologetically dirty rock ‘n roll in the vein of AC/DC, Skid Row and Led Zepplin, fuelled by adrenaline and raw energy for the better part of 20 years now.

Their sound is a molten blend of power chords, blistering guitar solos, soul shaking vocals and whisky-soaked lyrics, garnished with rebellion. The latest offering from Nobody’s Fool is their brand-new single Eye For An Eye, off the forthcoming album, Time.

Nobody’s Fool is an exceptionally hard-working band that leave their audiences awestruck and craving more. They have travelled all over Australia and have supported artists such as Airborne, Mental As Anything and The Choirboys.

From the gritty streets of Sydney, to global stages, Nobody’s Fool stands tall, fists in the air and amps cranked to 11, with upcoming releases that promise to be seismic events with riffs that will rearrange your DNA!

Watch their official video here:

Nobody's Fool Album Cover


01. Cherie
02. So Wrong
03. Time
04. Eye For An Eye
05. Call it Love
06. One More Lie
07. Cry For Me
08. Free
09. On The Road
10. Smoke And Mirrors
11. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ Cover