Opeth Perth (Perth, WA)

11 December 2019 at Astor Theatre

Astor Theatre is alive!… With metal heads. The venue’s colourful art deco charm seems regal in comparison to the hoard of long haired,black attired, bush chook swillers that stand before me. It’s a balmy Perth evening and we gather in a cadre of sweat and liquor, to witness sweden’s finest musical import Opeth

Perth’s own Prog Metal pros Voyager open the evening with a colorful set. Armed with an infusion of Pop Rock and professionalism. Charismatic stage presence paired with Simone’s cumbrous guitar sound,very much define this bands unique style. All were in fine form, showcasing this perfectly with the crowd favourites Severomance, What a wonderful day & Ascension. This festival proficient goliath, has been relentless throughout 2019. With a schedule including shows such as Download, Good Things, and international dates. November 1st also marking the release of the bands 7th full-length album Colours In The Sun.

Opeth … Walk onto the stage, and I can feel a strong atmospheric buzz fill the room. Before long the familiar sound of Mikael Akerfeldt’s captivating voice echoes across the theatre. In the form of the celestial sounding vocal intro that is Svekets Prins (Dignity.) The second track on the band’s latest 2019 Release In Cauda Venenum. Having a case of “Metal Tourettes” would be the best way to describe this band’s trademark ability to drastically change timing signatures mid song. Definitely Switching to “metal Mode” for the track Leper affinity, this heavy little surprise thrown into the mix from the album Blackwater Park. After some mid set banter about Akerfeldt’s armish looking hat, it was made clear that leaving your shampoo in stockholm makes for some questionable wardrobe decisions. “39 it’s not weather, it’s a form of punishment.” Moon Above, Sun Below Described as an acquired taste, being both difficult and fun to play. Serenades us softly with its eerie Egyptian sounding guitar riffage. Hope Leaves the room when Lotus Eater & Sorceress bring the sensory onslaught to a head. The track Sorceress really showcasing the talent of bassist Martin Mendez. Now that Deliverance is upon us…. Wednesday night windmills must come to an end.

Line-up: Opeth, Voyager

Reviewer: Mary-Jane Rogers