Osaka Punch at The Outpost (Brisbane, QLD)

3 August 2019 at The Outpost

What a night! Live music in Brisbane is just going from strength to strength and quality venues opening up like The Outpost are only going to help lift that bar even higher. We were welcomed warmly by security, made the mission up the stairs (the only drawback – if any) to walk into a very well laid out and functional space with excellent atmosphere. A really close up and intimate show is possible with the stage layout and surrounds.

If there is a better way to start a night out then listening to these boys rock the place I haven’t found one yet! Sum of Us are a great live act that are formed of a mash up of some really great local bands that in their own right are well worth the watch but when these boys hit the stage together you can tell they are there to rip it up. The crowd was treated to a high energy really tight performance of slick drums, edgy vocals and some mad string work. If you have never seen Sum before and like a bit of heavy get out and make it happen. I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of the new half a song that has no name.

Street Pieces are a smooth unit that will get you tapping your foot and bobbing your head to their catchy classic rock sound. Street didn’t let the energy drop and got the crowd pumping right till the end of their set. I myself felt really attracted to their sound and for me I caught glimpses of some of the best in the biz, sounds reminiscent of Soungarden and Alice in Chains with a splash of blues just to complete the sound. Their lead singer has a certain something with a familiar but yet unique quality that makes you think you have heard them somewhere before.

Osaka Punch came on stage with their usual quirkiness in full swing, the baywatch theme was never a favourite of mine until these legends put thier own spin on it. Next on the set list is definitely a fan favourite and my own personal one as well, How We Operate, which received an all in sing along by just about every member of the crowd. I love seeing this band live, they just exude a personality and energy that just washes over you and makes you want to give back as much as you get. I personally have seen this band at least 5 times and quite happily put them in my top 10 bands to see live.

Jack as their charismatic frontman just sucks you in and gains your undivided attention while your literally assaulted with the precise musicianship of the rest of the band. Dane is an animal on drums and after already playing a full set with Sum showed no hesitation in slamming out another solid performance, Chrispy forever the larrikin laying down some sweet riffs while swinging those luscious locks around and Reggie slapping that bass like it had done something wrong to him these boys are just a pleasure to watch.

With a catalogue ranging from heavy to funk to just downright silly this is one hell of an entertaining band that never fails to hit the mark. Their ability to just play the crowd like a finely tuned instrument is worth the cost of tickets alone. Songs like Actibreeze and Battleworm to just name but a few show the ability and potential of these lads.

With a cracking new venue to look forward to enjoying some of brissies best bands and hopefully acts from all over the country I must say I myself am in a very happy place after the gig and I’m very excited about things to come.

Line-up: Osaka Punch, Street Pieces, Sum of Us

Reviewer: Stephen Simpson
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera Photography