Osaka Punch – Drones Single Launch (Brisbane, QLD)

1 November 2019 at The Zoo

The eclectic Promotions of Beardfoot gifts us with the equally eclectic bill for the single launch of Drones, Osaka Punch’s latest offering. 

Beginning with Brisbane four piece Patient Lounge and their high energy mix of rock, prog, jazz and metal, I was pleasantly entertained. They drew the crowd to the front of the stage easily and engaged with them to give the early arrivals an excellent beginning to an evening filled with dynamic soundscapes. They have an EP which was released last year, titled Therapist. In April this year, Patient Lounge released their new single All You Want. This is a young band to keep an eye or an ear open for. They had a slot at the Dead of Winter Festival, supported Cog and now Osaka Punch, so they are one I am keeping on my list.

Weightless in Orbit. What can we say? If Frank Zappa and Parkway Drive had a baby with Sonny Sharrock as the jazzy Jeff Uncle – it might come a little to trying to describe this band. My comrade in reviewing for Metal-Roos wished me luck trying to put words to Weightless in Orbit. I am always up for a challenge but I do feel life is nothing without experiencing things. Therefore, I suggest seeing these fellows for yourself. 2 guitars, keys and drums with vocals ranging from clean to screams to growls. A three song set or I would more liken them to compositions rather than tunes. They are inspiring. Follow along here: Weightless In Orbit

My counting may be dodgy but I think I counted 10 members in LeSuits – 4 sax players, a trombone, trumpet, bass, guitar, keys & drums. The stage was FULL and the sound even more so. I don’t think you can get any fuller without something leaking out your earhole. The self-proclaimed “hard funk musical burrito” had the spiciness to get the crowded floor dancing. Celebrating their album released last year, Thanks for Coming, they have a following and air of exuberance. They are a party within themselves. Catch their album here:

Waiting for Osaka Punch my friend and house mate was swept off by a lady asking “Do you like this band?”. She returns not long after saying this. The lovely lady happened to be Dane’s Mum (the drummer) and she wanted her to meet them. This says a lot about the band: it’s more like a family affair with massive amounts of audience participation, the band shouting out to friends and family. At each show I have attended the Osaka Punch was wishing fans and friends happy birthdays. It’s always a party and a good time at an Osaka gig. The 4 piece have a solid as a rock following in their hometown and the love is mutual. Their sound reflects the eclectic mix of people in the crowd. From headbangers to disco dancing hip thrusts, I always laugh till my sides hurt. Celebrating the official launch of Osaka Punch’s new single Drones, the Zoo was packed, sweaty and energised to the rafters. Highlights from the set were How We Operate, Make the Call, Drones, the funkadelic Eat You Up, the wonderfully satricial Actibreeze with a little medley of Salt ‘n’ Pepas Push It intermingled for a bit of fun and ridiculous dance moves from my mates. Personal fav, Eat Red Carpet, just makes me appreciate the musical talent mixed with good old Qld humour. If you haven’t experienced an Osaka Punch gig then I encourage you to do it. Life is about having fun and this band is the definition.

Shout out to our Commander & Chief shutterbug Thomas (who was having the night off from taking photos) – happy birthday to his niece Jane – her first gig and 18th birthday – what a present! The family that rocks together, stays together!

Line-up: Osaka Punch, Lesuits, Weightless in Orbit, Patient Lounge

Reviewer: Tina Summers