Primal Fear and Sinner in Sydney (Sydney, NSW)

17 November 2018 at Max Watts

What a fantastic night. For the 2nd time in their long history German power metal legends Primal Fear visited Australia’s distant shores with one goal – to provide the Sydney crowd with a night of no-holds barred, unapologetic, melodic metal. Supporting them on this quest were Sinner, fronted by Primal Fear’s Mat Sinner, and Australia’s very own Horizons Edge.

Horizons Edge hit the ground running, warming up the crowd with vicious vocals, galloping guitars and double-kicking drums. Playing tracks from their newest album Let The Show Go On as well as material from their earlier releases they energised the venue and performed a strong set to the ever-growing crowd. Vocalist Kat Sproule performed with power and grace and the flawless dual guitar work of Josh Ristrom (who incidentally has got to be Jack Sparrow’s twin) and Eddy Grosso acted as the glue that ensured the band didn’t miss a single beat.

As Horizons Edge finished their set the venue was filled with excited whispers and the atmosphere became even more electric as the crowd prepared themselves for Sinner. Taking to the stage soon after Sinner had an absolutely knock-out set which saw them play a wide mix of songs from their over 30 year career in addition to hits such as Tequila Suicide from their 2017 album of the same name.

Mat’s raspy and powerful vocals paired uniquely with lightning guitar solos to produce a sound equal parts Motorhead and DragonForce. The resultant refreshing blend of old school rock and roll and modern power metal had the crowd banging their heads and tapping their feet for the entire set. For a few songs the fantastically talented Italian backup singer took to the front of the stage to join Mat which added a whole new dimension to their sound and performance. As Sinner put down their instruments the calls for Primal Fear began to ring out through the venue.

The band obliged.

Coming out of the gates swinging Primal Fear didn’t relent for a moment, the contagious energy provided by all members spreading instantly throughout the crowd. Commanding the stage with ease frontman Ralph Scheepers displayed his outstanding vocal range, effortlessly moving between powerful low notes and those I would strongly argue could only be properly heard by bats.  

Wailing guitar solos by Tom Naumann and Alex Beyrod in addition to the rock solid bass and drum line-up of Francesco Jovino (drums) and Mat (bass) completed the picture. Time seemed to fly and before we knew it the opening riff of King of Madness from their 2018 album Apocalypse rang out and the audience let out a collective shout as horns were raised to the sky and the song begun. After closing out the show Primal Fear then returned for an encore to appease the cheering crowd.

Celebrating 20 years of existence Primal Fear affirmed that they are not only just as good as they were back then; they are better. I wish the band another 20 years of continued success and look forward to their return Down Under once again.

Line-up: Primal Fear, Sinner, Horizons Edge

Reviewer: Cal McGlinchey
Photocredits: Michael Lueders