Psycroptic Perth (Perth, WA)

15 December 2018 at Bad Lands

The first band up for the night was shit!!! Well sort of – literally speaking Bluddypop were dressed in their trademark stage apparel, rocking turd onesies. If brutal had a sense of humor these guys would be it, pulling the piss has never sounded this good. With themes such as Bill Cosby’s short “cum-ings” and getting caught wanking, you can’t help but have a chuckle. Still not forgetting the real reason they were here, onlookers were getting their mosh on to songs like “Hey dad, Give us a Nut” a shout out to an old Ozzie TV classic. If there’s one thing that is to be taken seriously, it’s that there’s definitely nothing shitty about the quality of musicianship here.

Death metallers Xenobiotic waste no time at all bringing the pain to the pit. Kicking things off with the melodic yet guttural song that is Nether which was followed by the track Alone with an unmistakable airy guitar sound and machine gun kicks. With a drummer on board as like this, it is no wonder laying waste to drumkits looks “As easy as a drunken tinder date”. Pro stage presence was shown as always when some technical difficulties were sorted following a quick kick changover. With the bassist using this time wisely, weaving his way through the crowd like a wireless, drink loaded legend. Keeping the band well lubricated for the remainder of the set.

Perth’s very own heavy metal mesmerisers Sanzu never fail to bring their A game. Like the internationally acclaimed superstars open their set with the Deathcore epicness that is Old orchard Floor. Turning the crowd into a windmill enduced cluster bomb of hair. Kudos to Fatima for smashing the bass like a pro at 12 weeks preggo proving that not even giving birth to our next generation of “mini metal heads” can slow this chick live act down. Sadly, the track Loss had more of a personal ring about it tonight as it is long term drummer Ben Stanley’s final show. Showcasing his influential and technical style in songs such as Ubiety and Varient Red, tracks off the full length masterpiece

It seems only fitting that Bad Lands resembles the devils lair because by this stage in the evening the room was jam packed with long haired, beer guzzling minions of Lucifer. Gathering eagerly to witness the spectacle that is Psycroptic. The Tasmanian Technical Death metal Abbadons were here to tear a hole in the space between earth and hell with a kick sound that could leave thunder sounding rather underrated in comparison. The Hayley brothers locking in perfectly as usual with some face melting sweeps just fitting in the treat with Todd sterns murderously busy bass work. Ob(servant) being a perfectly written example of this expertise. Carriers of the plague fittingly transforms the mosh into a sight that resembling a hoard of rabid rats scrambling across a carcass in search of carrion. This nice fleshy little offering served up from the bands 2012 release Inherited Repression never failing to disappoint live. Leaving the night smoldering in the wake… As the Kingdom Drowns.

Line-up: Psycroptic, Sanzu, Xenobiotic, Bluddypop

Reviewer: Mary-Jane Kinnison