Ramchat – Krveľ (Album Review)

Release Date: November 29th 2022 - HladoHlas

Ramchat – Krveľ

Slovakian Metal Band Ramchat unveil their latest masterwork, the mighty Krveľ, their fifth release in as many years that further cement their status as an unpredictable force of nature within extreme music.

From the opener ‘’Mreli’’ through to the mania that is ‘’ Miesto, kde umierajú piesne’’ Ramchat is able to take all the various elements of music and combine that with the truly unique vocal characterisations of Martin Valkár to create something that is truly different and a feast for the ears. From the classical piano through to the blast beats, from the huge riffs to the quieter moments, the almost grindcore phrasing through to the healthy doses of rock. Simply calling Ramchat metal is a mistake and a misunderstanding. They (regularly) transcend the genre, and their paganism delivered in their native tongue only adds to their authenticity.

‘’ Prišli ukradnúť slnce’’ with its blatant aggression, huge riff, and taunting whispers, borders on grandeur.

Amongst all the originality, MestoBes and its haunting horn is a telling reminder that this is an extreme album that is also incredibly heavy. The moods are as poignant as they are heavy and powerful, the riffs taunting and frenzied combined with a sophistication deeply rooted in extreme ideals and the tradition of their homeland.

Ramchat and their musical canvas is so large in scope that  Krveľ is an album that takes many listens to admire its level of musicianship and the multiple ideas being executed.

Excellently executed Krveľ is an exciting record that exceeds all expectations.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: HladoHlas
Category: Album
Country: Slovakia

Reviewed by Sparky