ROADHOUSE: Release Rockin’ New Single – ‘Backseat Lover’

Are you ready to ROCK?! Brisbane’s connoisseur’s of Rock n Roll, Roadhouse are BACK baby and they’ve got another slammin’ rock track with their smokin’ hot new single, Backseat Lover

On Friday (22/05/2020), the band unleashed their latest single into the world, a song that has been a long time coming. Originally written many moons ago by a lead guitarist, Doug Eustace as a fresh-faced 16 year old growing up on the streets of Ipswich.  

Doug gives us some insight into the song:
“Backseat Lover is an ode to desire. Aiming to evoke lust and passion in the listener. Combining groove and power in a lethal dose guaranteed to bring rush hour back to ‘Lover’s Lane.’ A song about love from the best seat in the house!”

Backseat Lover comes as a follow up to the band’s previously released 2019 single, Monkey On My Back, their 2018 EP ‘Triple Shot’, 2017 EP, ‘Walking Tall’ and 2017 debut single release, Doghouse. 

The new track was recorded at So Soap Studios with the band’s producer, Andrew Kellie from Andy Kellie Photography/Blind Lucy/Silver Citizen/Zelita. The new release also comes with a lyric video created by Sad Dennis.  

Frontman, Chris Byrne gives us some further thoughts on the new single: 
“Backseat Lover is energetic, dynamic & seductive. The song whisks the listener to the backseat of a parked car on a secluded mountain with that special someone. Lust, love and tension are in the air and sparks are about to fly.”