Rockmass in July (Brisbane, QLD)

20 July 2019 at The Backroom

 The Back Room, Brisbane is a venue situated just outside of the typical music scene in the Valley. Although far from the usual favourite venues it has had its fair share of awesome bands play there, and tonight, we were in for a rocking good treat, Rockmass in July.

The night started off with Kamikaze Rex taking to the stage. This Brisbane band formed last year from 1.1.1 members Karen Beckett (Vox), Troy Christiansen (Guitar) Bill Beverley (Bass) and Darren Poulton from The Unprettier(Drums). This band has a great pub rock sound with Beckett smashing out some great songs including Something Better and Cyborg There were some heavy jams and catchy guitar riffs with a slight proggy rock sound. Catchy lyrics and strong powerful vocals that reminded me at times of Mellissa Ethridge. As I sipped on my beer or two listening, it got my toes tapping and before I knew it, I was up dancing along. Great stage interaction, with Beverley even treating us to some of his cheeky dancing skills. Beckett started her next song Forever Butterfly with an introduction to the meaning behind it. After a break from the music scene due to an illness she is now recovering and eager to get back to her passion of performing. The love of music and her fans helped her through and tonight we were treated as she shared her very personal story. This song was beautifully strong and passionate. You could hear her fighting words as she sung through the emotional performance. Speaking with Beckett after the show she stated that this song will be released during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, keep an eye out for it. When asked what her favourite lyric was from the song. She said the one with most meaning had to be “Never waste a moment again”, very deep. They ended their set with a short but heavy song Midnight, leaving us pumped up and ready for the rest of the night. Thank you for sharing your story and journey with me and I can’t wait to see you kick some more butt on stage in the future. 

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Speedracer were up next, man, these guys are awesome, I’ve seen them a couple of times and can’t wait for more. A band I happened to catch by accident while I went to see another show. This is exactly why I LOVE going out to live events. This group I hadn’t heard of before became a band I wouldn’t miss. The energy these guys share on stage is magical. Front man Jason Vowels and Andrew Waterfield (Guitar/Vocals) have managed to achieve a balance and harmony that creates an experience of 90’s nostalgia, while Bill Beverley (Bass) and Gavin Herrenberg (Drums) set some amazing beats that matched the vibe. Starting off with their self-titled SPEEDRACER, we were ready and primed for the rest of the set. It’s always entertaining watching them perform. Their stage interaction shows their friendship bond that is displayed on and off stage. A friendly group of guys always happy to please their fans. A huge part of my experience is getting a happy snap with bands and these guys are always happy to comply. They went on to play another favourite of mine Silver $ Baby. This is my current “Carpool karaoke” song lol. When this comes on my Spotify list, I have to wind the windows up as I’ve been caught out too many times “attempting badly” to sing along lol. They played a couple of newbies tonight, Not as Bad, Sleep and She’s Got Me, stating they have secured some recording time for a new album. Finishing off with another newbie Production Line, a teaser of what’s to come. Very exciting times ahead for Speedracer.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again. If you haven’t heard of Speedracer get on it and have a listen, These guys rock!

Black Whiskey were next up and ready to rock. Bringing with them their loyal followers that basically appeared out of the darkness and positioned themselves up front and centre, ready to dance. I’ve caught this band before recently and can see why they have their army of fellow followers. This band has a great pub rock sound, strong guitar and drum work and the front man Alan Goodluck really knows how to capture the audience. As I’ve said before they have a stage presence like that of Guns n’ Roses and Motley Crue with a modern rock look with awesome vocal melodies. Playing some of my favourites Whiskey and Rock and Rolland Dirty Girls these guys know how to rock. A band that’s been around for a while now and has had their share of gigs and you can catch them at their next gig at the Crow Bar, Brisbane supporting the Sisters Dolls.

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Last show was For the Wolves, a heavy alternative rock band from Brisbane. These guys scored a wild card to play at this year’s Dead of Winter Festival. They were on my list but unfortunately due to clashes I didn’t get a chance to see them. I was told I missed an awesome set so was keen to see them asap. When I saw they were listed to play Rockmass in July I was stoked.  This young band has only been playing since they formed back in 2016 but for such a short time together, they performed like they have been around for years. A few favourites of mine were Got a light and Karma. Playing to only a small handful of guests they delivered an entertaining show and left me wanting to see them again. Such a developing band, great sound and the confidence from all members was amazing. I look forward to seeing these guys again. Honestly if you have a spare night Saturday 27thJuly you can catch this band playing the Brightside, supporting Torizon’s single launch.

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Only a smattering of people showed up to enjoy tonight and I’ll just say it outright: Brisbane, you missed out. What and awesome line up, I experienced some great live music.  I always try to stay for all the bands as they have come to perform for us. Even if I’ve never heard of them, they get my full support. You never know if you will find your next favourite band. To be honest the best part of going out to see live music is the chance of experiencing something new, something magical. I’ve done this many time and have had the opportunity to follow some bands from the very beginning. So, get out there, check the local gig guides and go and see the little bands you wouldn’t normally. We all must start somewhere, and we need to support the amazing Brisbane music scene we have, or risk losing it!

Line-up: For The Wolves, Black Whiskey, Speedracer, Kamikaze Rex

Reviewer: Cherie Smith
Photocredits: Just Ignore The Camera