Rumours – Incredulous Single Launch (Canberra, ACT)

21 September 2019 at The Basement

The Basement in Canberra is tonight’s venue for the Wagga locals, but now Melbourne based Rumours. They are here in support of the launch of their latest single – Incredulous. This is the third night of the tour, having played in Newcastle and Sydney the previous two nights.

There is a good number of people in already to see local lads Stones Throw. This is a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Canberra. The guys have a great sound, quite aggressive but with a melody woven throughout. That is one that this reviewer can get into. The front man Charles Parks is obviously quite at ease up on stage, telling a few stories in between songs. They guys put on a 30-minute set that covers a good range of material and they sound pretty tight. It is a high energy affair with Parks and bassist Francis Burns joining the crowd out on the floor during the set. 

Next up are Hostel, also being local lads, who put on an impressive 30 minute set. Their sound is plain in your face, aggressiveness with lead vocalist, Curtis Rietdijk’s vocals being visceral at times. I don’t know if it was planned as part of their gig or it was just befitting the crappy cool and wet weather we have tonight. The guys on stage commence the set in a lot of warmer clothes and as the set progressed all members were losing items as things heated up… Things were heating up not only on stage and in the crowd with a large space opening up and the requisite mosh kicking off.  The guys used their set to introduce their new guitarist.

Post hardcore/metalcore Sydney-siders, Inertia are touring around with Rumours, this being the third gig of the tour and unfortunately illness has struck. Not only are they down a guitarist, whose role is being covered by backing tracks. Lead singer, Julian Latouche, woke up this morning without a voice.  To listen to him tonight though, you wouldn’t believe it.  The band put on a great 30 minute set that covers a good range. The sound ranges between something a bit like Architects when listening to The Design, or similar to Far Away Stables with new single Into The Grey

The final band of the night is headliners, Rumours.  Influenced by bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, and Northlane, you can hear these influences woven throughout their songs. The band hits the stage and proceeds to pump out thirty minutes of powerful tracks like Paralysed, and others from their back catalogue, a cover with Inertia’s Julian Latouche joining them on stage, before finishing with the new track Incredulous. The band’s sound was tight from the start, and they sounded great despite lead singer, Jackson Bentley, also suffering from illness. They possess great energy up on stage and there is always plenty happening, with all band members trying to gee up the crowd.

All in all, a great night of Aussie metal that left the Canberra crowd leaving very happy. The last gig of the tour is in Melbourne on the 28th, get out and catch if you are down that way.

Line-up: Rumours, Inertia, Hostel, Stones Throw

Reviewer: Paul Kerr
Photocredits: Hold Still Photography