RUN – For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet (EP Review)

RUN release their debut ‘For You Will Never Find Peace Within Your Quiet’. This five-track EP encompasses a large, atmospheric, progressive, (and most importantly) heavy sound. All the tracks fill the entire audio space with layered guitars, pounding drums and scorching reverberated vocals. This amalgamation of modern metal soars high with melodic leads, but also scuffs in the dirt with some excitingly moshable riffs.

The opening track ‘For You’, is a very atmospheric track and like much of the album reminds me a bit of third-wave black metal bands. The layered tremolo-picked riffs act to establish a crushing wall of sound, backed up by frantic double kick drum beat and gut-wrenching vocals.

Up next is my favourite track of the five, ‘Will Never’. The best part of this track comes after the frenetic, death metal sounding opening phase where an absolutely crushing hardcore/thrash riff kicks in for the chorus. It is easily the best riff on the EP for me and it bangs every single time it comes around in this song.

The rest of the EP follows a similar vein to the first track. Notably, ‘Within’ consists of two distinct phases. A quieter melodic intro, and a more brutal ending. These parts are separated by a long interlude which drives home the atmospheric intention of this album. The closer on the EP ‘Your Quiet’ is another atmospheric and brutal number, containing some very nice breakdowns towards the end of the song.

Overall, the EP was a thoroughly enjoyable listen. Those especially interested in more atmospheric modern metal will certainly be loving many of these tracks. As a concept album, it works great as a cover to cover listen and the tracks meld together very well. Personally, I’m interested to see how this sound will translate to a full-length release and look forward to the next thing RUN have coming.

Release Year: 2020
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Jarrad Fisher

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