Russian Circles Sydney 2019 (Sydney, NSW)

27 April 2019 at Manning Bar

I have to say I didn’t know what to expect, coming into an instrumental only metal show, where all three bands, not just the headliner, were just that – instrumental.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving came first. I definitely got lost in their music. It was nice to vibe out for a change and get into a strangely soothing zone at a metal gig. The crowd, drowned in sound and the dark room, definitely gave their set an otherworldly atmosphere. It was akin to smoking a joint and having your whole body relax and your senses treated to a mix of emotions from joy to anxiousness as the guitars built up, then sadness as they grooved back down, all whilst you stood there to revel at the whole scene playing out in front of you and get lost in the moment until the drums brought you back to reality. I definitely dug their set. The crowd seemed to approve also .

Second on the bill was We Lost The Sea.  They were a bit more melancholic, the guitars more invoking sadness. Just when you thought there was no way out, the riffs built up progressively heavier and heavier, unleashing some fury and the crowd couldn’t get enough.

Now for the headliner Russian Circles. I listened to them for the first time the afternoon prior to the gig and quite enjoyed it . I wasn’t quite sure how they would go live, would there be a mosh? Would we need chairs? I was not disappointed. I get there and more than half are wearing Russian Circles shirts… I was so engrossed from the get go that I didn’t even realise the technical difficulties they were having until well into the third song in when they had to replace the head. The show must go on and they kept on playing (still not one word uttered!) and the crowd just kept lapping it up. The energy was intense and the mosh came alive, surprising myself pleasantly. By  the fourth song with the progressively heavier riffs there was many a windmill going off in the audience.  The drum intro in the fifth song just kept the momentum and by this stage everyone was moving in the pit . The riffs were spiraling and punishingly heavy, continuing the rhythm and the crowd didn’t stop.

From chatting to the punters, everyone was impressed a band with no vocals could hold a crowds attention and command it for the entire set. Everyone left on a high, may we not wait too long for them to return. Go check them out , harsh deep and heavy without the use of vocals.

Line-up: Russian Circles, We Lost The Sea, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

Reviewer: Candy
Photocredits: Mira Live Photography