Rust In Perth 2014 (Perth, WA)

12 July 2014 at Civic Hotel
Presented by Executioner Promotions and held at the iconic Civic Hotel, RUST IN PERTH 2014 punished Perth with eleven hours of skull-crushing metal mayhem by eleven of Perth's slickest metal bands and special guests, Indonesian grind core outfit Rezume.

MALEFICAR kicked the ruckus off with their offering of original, undiluted black metal. Incorporating elements of thrash, with shredding guitar work and snarling vocals, Maleficar certainly set the standard for the day and gave the early birds a taste of the pulverizing to come.

Up and coming heavy metal act SANZU were next up to take the reins. Reminiscent of Gojira and comprising of a diverse range of unique Perth musical talent, Sanzu is already gaining recognition with their heavy grooving riffs, excellent stage presence and unrestrained vocal assaults.

With the crowd beginning to swell in numbers, DARKENIUM raised the bar with their archaic and pumelling brand of modern death metal. Guitarist, Grant Burns (ex Vespers Descent) was a highlight and once again proved his shred supremacy with his ridiculously clean instrumental proficiency.

Power metal band SILENT KNIGHT took over the helm, bringing with them their hybrid breed of traditional power metal to the Perth heavyweight table. Holding down the fort on vocals was Turkish-born charmer, Jesse Onur Oz, who oozed with stage presence and brought some fresh blood, suave and a new dynamic to what was already a super tight unit. A definitive crowd pleaser, Silent Knight electrified the room, conjuring up high voltage energy in typical power metal style with powerful and clean vocals, their thunderous, galloping riffs and flawless solos. If you love your power metal, this is a band to watch out for!

RED DESCENDING kicked it up another notch with their unique blend of heavy melodic death metal. Red Descending delivered a solid and atmospheric set, with pounding riffs, thunderous drums and growling guttural vocals. Powerhouse female vocalist, Jesse Millea, of Claim the Throne fame, joined the lineup mid-set to deliver some femme fatale with her exquisite and soaring vocals that never fail to captivate the audience's attention.

The crowd had surged into high gear and the beer and whisky was flowing hard and fast by the time NAILS OF IMPOSITION hit the stage. Violent and unrelenting, this five-piece death metal act brought some modern brutality and old skool groove to the RIP 2014 line-up.

Local thrash outfit COLD FATE were up next to further demolish the Civic. Charismatic front man, Paul Di Scerni, delivered with commanding stage presence and signature aggressive vocals and lead guitarist, Cameron Nicholas, on double duties, blitzed the crowd in a second round with his insanely fast shred prowess and facemelting solos. Bassist, Matt Carver, backed up the low end with raw, chugging rhythms to the punch of Seb Giorgi's impeccable drumming and special mention to youngblood, Zach Corkery, who is really coming into his own within the band unit and proving to be a solid guitarist on the live circuit.

Brutal technical death metal band GROTESQUE stepped up to the plate with a vicious set, delivered with the typical aggression that is their primary M.O. With high speed riffs mixed with relentless blasts, insane bass and devouring low gutturals to boot, Grotesque brought down a brutal and relentless Saturday night flogging.

Perth slam merchant DEATHFUCKINGCUNT gave the battered and bruised crowd exactly what they deserved with their grotesque brand of decibel-crushing, intestinal-churning, technical guttering brutality. delivered with their brand of decibel crushing, intestinal-churning, technical guttural brutality. Blake Simpson tore up the stage with his signature psychotic vocals and the instrumental proficiency of the guitar work can only be described as technical, precise and extreme. Backed-up by the cranialshattering violence of Dan Grainger on the drums, DFC slammed down the punishment with signature tyrannical and bowel-rupturing velocity.

Gearing up for Rezume, was local lords of darkness, ADVENT SORROW. Notorious for their intensely harrowing live performances, Advent Sorrow combine depressive melodies with black, doom and death undertones. With the room swollen to capacity in a sea of black, Advent Sorrow engaged the late night crowd in an intimate, brooding and creative manner whilst simultaneously invoking a heavy, booming soundscapes carved from the very concepts of fear, isolation and destitution.

REZUME graced the stage for the second last set of the night. Hailing from Indonesia, Rezume is perhaps the paradise island of Bali's most successful metal export and slambassadors, tearing the house down with some solid, face-pounding, slaughtered pig squealing death metal brutality. With their insanely gory and explicit, porn-inspired lyrical content, slamming groove and grinding hooks, Rezume were the stand out set of the night, firing up the pit fiends and cementing their allegiance and unity with the Oz west coast metal scene.

Reigning over the final set was MALIGNANT MONSTER. Looming as Perth's most dominant blackened thrash metal bands, Malignant Monster destroyed the stage with another ruthlessly sinister and unrelenting performance. Despite suffering some technical difficulties, the stage was ripped up until blood was shed which was, if nothing else, a poetic final curtain call on RIP 2014.

Overall, Rust in Perth 2014 was a night of absolute carnage and insanity, with slick sets and the local legion of metal fans coming out in full force in a show of unity and support for Perth's underground talent and Indonesian brothers and if nothing else, proves that the local metal scene is still standing strong and can still pull a vibing crowd.

As the final drinks were called and streams of black-clad revellers trickled out to mingle at the bar, Paul Di Scerni, from Executioner Promotions, was in high spirits. "A most excellent night with a killer line-up" he said, as he raised his glass and gestured at the crowd. "This proves the Perth music scene is alive and well and with turn-outs like this and the fans continued support on the homefront, we can make this something really special."

Line-up: Malignant Monster, REZUME (IND), Advent Sorrow, Death Fucking Cunt, Grotesque, Cold Fate, Nails of Imposition, Red Descending, Silent Knight, Darkenium, SANZU, Maleficar

Reviewer: Sarah Anne Warner