Satyricon and Deadspace (Perth, WA)

4 September 2018 at Capitol

Last night black metal titans Satyricon hit the stage at the Capitol nightclub in Perth supported by the ever so depressive Deadspace. This gig was scheduled to happen earlier in the year but was held back for reasons that escape me now, so the anticipation was high coming up too tonight entertainment.

First thing I notice walking up to the venue was no line, then it dawned on me that tonight’s headliners were playing an hour and forty five minute set and doors had opened half an hour earlier than I was thinking. So I rushed my way through the doors realising Deadspace had taken to the stage already. The band were half way through the opening song and I see lead singer Chris Gebauer perched up on the crowd barrier screaming down the microphone mere inches from someone’s face. Powering through a set of old and new songs these guy’s are in there element on stage creating an atmosphere that draws you in and spits you out.

Highlights of their set would have to be I’ll by the rope from the bands debut LP and Mouth of the Scorpion off their latest release of the same name. If you are attending any of the other dates around the country make sure you get in early and catch Deadspace, I promise you will not be disappointed.

With a short break to clear the stage, the crowd has filled out and it’s on to tonights headliner the mighty Satyricon all the way from Oslo, Norway. With a short intro being played through the pa system, out of the dark the band appears on stage with frontman Satyr screaming “are you ready Perth?”. Smashing straight into Midnight Serpent the opening track from their 2017 release Deep Calleth Upon Deep. A couple of songs in, with everyone in full swing, the crowd gets the chance to get vocal with Black Crow on a Tombstone.

As the band pushes their way through the set the room is filled with relentless tremolo picking and a barrage of blast beats from Frost. Not knowing a lot of the bands back catalogue made it difficult to tell the old songs from the new, which in my opinion shows the consistency the band have shown over their 25+ year career. Next up is a song that sends the into a frenzy, a song known by even the slightest of fans Now, Diabolical giving the crowd yet another good opportunity to get vocal.

With a couple more songs off their latest album in To Your Brethern In The Dark and Black Wings & Withering Gloom, they moved on to play the first track Walk The Path of Sorrow off their first album Dark Medieval Times. With a few more tracks from the back catalogue to keep the crowd going right the way through to the end. Rounding off tonights was arguably there most popular song K.I.N.G. which sent the crowd into one last frenzy.

Tonight’s show from Satyricon was one many fans will not be forgetting anytime soon. Deadspace made for a great support but the headliners came out and proved why they have the top spot on this tour. Be sure to catch both bands as they play shows all around Australia in the next week or so.

Line-up: Satyricon, Deadspace

Reviewer: Peter Mitchell
Photocredits: Shadow-World Photography