Screaming Jets Canberra (Canberra, ACT)

30 August 2019 at The Basement

I’m back at The Basement again this Friday night.  This time on the fair is some of Australia’s finest hard rockers in The Screaming Jets and the legendary Rose Tattoo.

Upon arrival, the place is in full swing with a large crowd of punters here early to have a few brews and some food from Chompys.  There is a great vibe around the place as people are quite jovial and relaxed at the end of the week, looking forward to this great bill.

First up is a three piece from Melbourne called CHILD.  These guys take the stage with the majority of the crowd moving up front and proceed to bring more with an impressive set of classic rock.   These guys rock, and a lot of people I am talking to have been really impressed by the set, vowing to look them up and find out where they can get more.

The crowd starts buzzing as it’s time for that hard rock edge, The Screaming Jets.  Dave Gleeson, Paul Woseen, Scott Kingman, and Jimi Hocking (The Mainstays) along with a new drummer, bring a pleasant energy to the Friday night crowd.  They put on a 13-song set that covers a good part of their catalogue with Better going down a treat.  But just when you thought that was the top, the fellas bring out F.R.C. to finish off. The crowd is in raptures and the feeling is mutual.  The guys tell me they love playing The Basement as I get to say G’day.  They also tell me to make sure I’m wearing my earplugs as Rose Tattoo are going to be loud…

The crowd is starting to really buzz with anticipation now as they await Angry Anderson and the boys. I myself, have never seen Rose Tattoo live so this will be an experience.  They kick off with Bad Boy For Love which has the crowd singing and rocking along.  From there it just keeps going up notches.  The guys look like they are loving it up there on stage and so are the crowd.  Like all good things, unfortunately it must come to an end.  Angry wishes everyone to look after each other and thanks the crowd for having a great night with them. 

I leave feeling very fortunate to have got to see one up and coming Aussie rock band, along with two legendary acts on the same night.  If you get a chance, get out and catch them while they are on the Off The Chain Tour.


Line-up: Screaming Jets, Rose Tattoo, CHILD

Reviewer: Paul Kerr
Photocredits: Hold Still Photography